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16.07.2019 Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes is a laborious task. And in order to please yourself with a decent crop at the end of the season, it is necessary to observe the technology of growing and caring for this crop.

Causes Affecting Yields

Many gardeners believe that the number of crops depends on:

  • from those top dressings that are introduced into the soil;
  • glaze;
  • soil quality;
  • seed quality.

All this, of course, affects the number of aromatic fruits. But when growing tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, it is necessary to carry out the pinching of the shoots. Only in this case can a high yield of the plant be achieved.

stepson scheme

To complete this procedure correctly, you need to learn how to doplanting tomatoes in a greenhouse step by step. This is especially important for beginners.

Growing season for herding

Different varieties of tomatoes are planted in the greenhouse at different times. In addition, each region has its own specific period for performing this procedure.

types of pinching

But in order to correctly determine when it is necessary to pinch tomatoes in a greenhouse, it should be step by step for beginners to determine whether daughter processes have appeared on the plant. Typically, this occurs approximately 14-18 days after the tomatoes are planted in the ground.

Also suitable is the moment when the plant has brushes during flowering.

In order not to miss this time, it is necessary to inspect the landing at least once every 7-10 days. After all, if favorable conditions are created for tomatoes, then they will grow and develop quite quickly. And you can miss the moment when it is necessary to conduct stepsoning.

Definition of stepsons of tomatoes

It is very important to understand what stepchildren are in order to remove what is needed. The stepson is a shoot that appears and forms between the main shoot (stem) and its own leaves.

Moreover, the stepson is considered full-fledged if it reaches a length of at least 10 cm, while the rudimentary stepsons are shoots whose length is no more than 2 cm.

bushes formation pattern

The main distinguishing characteristic of the stepson is that over time it forms its own trunk, which is covered with leaves. On it, full-fledged flowers are formed and, again, additional shoots, which are called stepchildren of the second level.

What stepsons are usually confused with:

  1. They can be confused with ordinary foliage. But the leaf grows directly from the stem, while the stepsons are formed in the sinus.
  2. With a brush on which the flowers are formed. But in this case, the brush does not have its own leaves.
  3. With the main stem of a tomato. When the bush bifurcates, it is difficult to distinguish the main stem from the long stepson. It is necessary to take a closer look - it is the stepson who grows under the brush with flowers.

Tools used for stepsoning

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For those who do not have experience in agriculture, it is necessary to carry out the stepsoning of a tomato in a greenhouse, observing step-by-step recommendations and tips for beginners:

  • the cutting tool should be as sharp as possible to cut, and not damage the stem;
  • if cutting occurs from one plant, it is practically impossible to infect, but in the case when several stems are removed, after each cut the cutting edge must be disinfected with bleach or a strong potassium permanganate solution;
  • it is necessary to retreat about 10-15 cm from the beginning and only then cut the shoot;
  • material that has been cut must be removed from the growing bushes - this will prevent the spread of infection and the transfer of diseases.

Rules for the formation of a plant with one stem

Let us consider step by step the basic rules that you need to know when planting tomatoes in a greenhouse, as a result of which one stem is formed.

stepsons on tomatoes

For beginners, it is important to learn this, since such an action allows you to properly form a bush for fruitful plant growth.

It is this method that avoids thickening.

  1. It is necessary to remove the lower leaves, this allows the lower part of the bushes to receive more intense ventilation.
  2. All lateral processes that will be formed over almost the entire life of the bush must be broken off.

Compliance with these simple rules will make it possible to get about 50 fruiting brushes on one bush of tomatoes. And one stem allows the bush to bear fruit over a longer period of time.

tied bushes

The second way to grow

In this case, the bush is allowed to form two equal stems. When a lateral shoot has formed under the inflorescence, wait until about 4 inflorescences have formed on it and then pinch the top. But pinching must be carried out so that 2 full leaves still remain over the inflorescence.

Variety Specificity

There are certain varieties of tomatoes that do not require pinching. These most often include stunted plants. On them lateral processes are usually not formed so intensively.

bush formation pattern

These recommendations will help to form the correct tomato bush in the greenhouse and get a fairly high yield as a result. In addition, ripe and juicy tomatoes can be enjoyed for a longer period, since pinching prolongs the vegetation process.

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