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According to the description and characteristics, tomato Olesya (photo) is a mid-early variety and belongs to the Siberian garden. It has a lot of advantages, has many positive reviews, cultivation can be carried out in any conditions, therefore it is popular among summer residents and gardeners.

Tomato Olesya (photo) is an independent and popular culture, which is confirmed by the description, characteristics and reviews of summer residents. It is characterized by excellent taste, the variety is resistant to many dangerous diseases and is suitable for storage and preparation for the winter. Subject to the rules of cultivation and care, you can achieve a high yield of tomato from the Siberian garden.

Description and characteristics of tomato

This vegetable is allowed to grow not only on the open ground, but also in the greenhouse. According to the ripening period, the tomato of the Olesya variety is mid-season, that is, the final formation of the fruit occurs in 95-110 days.

Tomatoes are excellently transported, have good keeping quality and storage, therefore they are widely grown for sale. In addition, this variety is not very whimsical, but is caused by high productivity and resistance to many dangerous diseases.

Taste of the tomato is excellent. It tastes a little sweet. Therefore, it is used for preparing any dishes, including preparations for the winter. Also good and fresh.

Characteristics of tomato varieties Olesya is as follows:

  1. The vegetable bush reaches large values, often the height exceeds 1.5 m. There are many leaves, they are quite large with a rich green tint. The bushiness of the plant is moderate. During flowering, moderate inflorescences are formed.
  2. Fruits are caused by an oval or plum-shaped form. They are large, the surface is smooth, the skin is thin. The pulp is fleshy, dense with excellent taste. Unripe fruits have a green color, and ripened yellow-orange. There are few seeds inside the fruit.
Interesting! The mass of tomato varieties Olesya can reach up to 300 g.

Productivity varieties of tomato Olesya

Tomato varieties Olesya - high-yielding. From one bush you can get over 5 kg of fruits. Ripening duration ranges up to 110 days. Excellent yield is due to the fact that the plant is resistant to dangerous diseases and many types of pests, normally tolerates harmful factors and is not afraid of slight temperature changes.

To achieve such a rich harvest, it is very important to properly care for the plantings and comply with the technology of growing tomatoes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Olesya tomatoes have many advantages, which are expressed in the following:

  1. Great taste.
  2. The presence of immunity to various diseases and pests.
  3. Suitability for transportation and long-term storage.
  4. High yield and high fruit weight.
  5. Not a strong whimsical care.

Among the negative qualities, summer residents and gardeners emit a high mouth of the plant, which is why it is necessary to constantly tie up and use props, since the bush cannot independently hold and hold large fruits.

Tomato growing technology

The principle of growing tomato varieties Olesya is in simple rules, compliance with which allows you to get a large and healthy crop.

A feature of planting a vegetable is its ripening time.It is believed that the optimal time for planting seeds is about 60-65 days before transplanting seedlings into open soil or a greenhouse. That is, planting should be carried out in late March or early April, so that planting is carried out in early June.

When growing seeds, a special temperature regime should be maintained in the room, as well as humidity and lighting. The optimum temperature for seed germination and intensive growth is 22-25 ° C.

Note! To accelerate the process of seed germination and their general germination, special growth stimulants designed specifically for vegetables will help.

Planting tomato varieties Olesya is carried out in the traditional way. First, seedlings are grown, after it is planted in soil or a greenhouse. When choosing a cultivation place, it is better to choose the southern areas and the soil where onions, cabbage or zucchini used to grow. If planting at a place where tomatoes were already grown, you should definitely make mineral and organic fertilizers.

Soil preparation is carried out since the fall, it is dug up, fertilizing is applied. It can be humus, compost, superphosphate and other compounds.

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When planting seedlings in the soil, be sure to observe the interval between the bushes and rows. In the first case, it is 30 cm, in the second 50 cm. This will help plants grow and develop comfortably, and also allows for the necessary care of plantings.

Interesting! Based on the reviews of inveterate summer residents, it is advisable to cultivate the tomato variety Olesya in 2 stems. So the bush turns out more powerful and better withstand large fruits.

Vegetable Care Rules

The tomato variety Olesya is in many ways similar to other tomatoes, therefore, it needs similar care. Such a vegetable on the positive side responds to good watering and regular fertilizing.

The main methods of tomato care are hilling, weeding the beds, watering, forming bushes, applying fertilizers, as well as the timely fight against diseases and pests.

Watering should be carried out daily, the water flow is distributed according to the circumstances. In heavy rainy weather, it is rarely watered or not watered at all. Since excess moisture is harmful, and contributes to the formation of rot. After watering, the holes must be loosened and at the same time get rid of weeds.

Fertilizers for the entire period of vegetable growth are applied several times. First, after a week from the time of transplanting, then during the flowering period of the bush and the formation of fruits. For this, various mineral and organic dressings are used.

As the plant grows, it is shredded and tied to cuttings to create a better support.

Fighting diseases and pests consists in observing proper care and timely fertilizing.

Diseases and pests of tomato varieties Olesya

Tomato varieties Olesya is quite resistant to diseases. It is not exposed to viruses. But other diseases can still occur, especially with insufficient care of the plant.

This can be spotting, various forms of rot, late blight, mosaic, alternariosis and others.

Among the common pests of tomato, secrete a bear, slugs, wireworms, ticks, scoop, whiteflies.


Ekaterina, 32 years old:

“Olesya really liked the tomato, the fruits are large, juicy, fleshy with excellent taste. Well suited not only for fresh consumption, but also for winter preparations. ”

Albina, 48 years old:

“I really liked the Olesya tomato variety. Despite his great growth, he has many positive qualities. I especially liked the resistance to diseases, pests, a high yield and good keeping quality. ”

Nikolay, 53 years old:

“For 5 years now, I have been growing tomato of the Olesya variety in the country.I am very pleased with the amount of harvest, all the fruits are large, ripen together, tasty and juicy. They make delicious dishes, winter preparations, and fresh tomato is also good. ”

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