Growing tomatoes

Many vegetable growers are interested in how it is not easy to grow tomatoes, but how to achieve the maximum for a specific varieties, hybrid yield. How to lead the culture so that having only a few bushes of a universal tomato, provide the whole family with delicious summer salads and preparations for the winter. All these wisdom can be comprehended, having familiarized with a heading.

Rassada period
For novice growers, the cultivation of tomato seedlings and picks of them raises many questions. Acquisition and storage of seed, preparation for sowing and microclimate parameters, everything is essential, over which scientists, farmers, breeders work. The experience of the best minds of theorists and practitioners is assembled into a coherent whole and presented in the rubric for your attention.

If the sowing itself does not cause problems, although it is sufficiently responsible, then the preparation of seed material, its soaking, decontamination, microelement treatments will be thoroughly disclosed in the rubric and will not cause a single additional question.

Transplant in the garden
How a tomato seedling is transplanted into the ground, at what time, and at what distance the rubric will help you know.

Preparing the beds is also not unimportant, where and how to choose them, who to choose as the predecessor, how to conduct liming and determine the acidity, the answers to these questions will be given to the readers by comprehensive and professional ones.

Open ground
Cultivation in the open field causes the greatest interest of readers and it is here that questions arise related to the formation of a tomato bush, pasynkovaniem, garter.

Turning to the heading, you will learn: how to conduct feeding and what, in what time frame and the most optimal. How to calculate the best concentration of fertilizers so that the fruits are weighty, tasty and do not contain a dose of nitrates, exceeding the maximum permissible concentration. The rubric will help to properly care for the tomatoes during flowering and fruiting, harvesting so that it is optimally stored, and the collection of seeds allows you to continue to grow the variety you like.

Greenhouse tomatoes
If in the open field it is easier to cope with the culture, then not a little knowledge should be applied to the greenhouse. The rubric will help you understand how to optimize temperature, humidity, lightness, apply fertilizers and get a high yield of greenhouse tomato products.

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