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Cottage, like a country house: why do I live here all year round?

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The decision to live in a country house all year round is an adequate way out of a difficult situation with a living space or a reasonable choice in favor of maintaining health. Year-round presence in the country has several advantages and disadvantages to be solved. Analyze the basic requirements for a full life, to live in your home with comfort.

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The reasons

Relocation to a country house in the country can be both a forced decision and a reasonable choice.

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The reasons why people make the move to the country to live round:

  • purchase of a country house as a permanent place to live under a banking program. Banking organizations offer favorable credit conditions for the purchase of housing in the country at a rate of 12 to 16%. Prices for summer cottages in 2-3 lower than the cost of square meters in the city;
  • availability of land. The land of the dacha can be used for various purposes - for active recreation, plant growing, walking with children, breeding animals;
  • health problems. The distance from busy roads, urban smog, location near the forest area makes the cottage a good place for rest and recovery during a long stay in the territory. Nature, clean air, silence contribute to the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, stress, exacerbations of broncho-pulmonary pathologies;
  • separate accommodation. Due to the inability to buy their living space, families move to the country to keep peace and comfort. Depending on the conditions, both aged people and young spouses can move out of town;
  • rental of city apartments. For monetary benefits, many citizens rent their living space in the city, while living in the country.
  • living space. The expansion of the family, the appearance of children requires additional square meters. Summer house will be the solution to the problem of lack of space.

The organization of life at the dacha will make year-round stay in the country pleasant and comfortable. Assess the positive and negative features of life in the country to make the right conclusions.


Regardless of the reasons for which it is necessary to move to live outside the city, holiday living throughout the year is a calm and measured life, provided the organization of life.

Permanent residence in the country is characterized by the advantages of:

  • favorable ecology. Life in a garden partnership is a permanent union with nature, unpolluted air, peace and tranquility;
  • plot. Use the surrounding area as you wish. You can even smash 6 acres under the garden to grow organic, clean vegetables, plant flowers, put your favorite hobby into practice, play sports, educate and temper children;
  • large space. Sophisticated planning of a country house is a convenience for a large family. The residential building can be supplemented with annexes or attic floor. Placing a car on your plot will solve parking difficulties. You can host guests for joint holidays all year round;
  • isolation Fenced plot in the country - is the possibility of organizing life with a focus on their desires.You will not interfere with your neighbors, and you will not become interference, as if living in an apartment building within the city limits;
  • active life. Permanent residence in the country and the organization of life requires active movement. Cleaning the site, cleaning the snow, caring for a garden or lawn will be a pleasant load that will save you from the dangers of physical inactivity. Regular routine activities related to the dacha life will help you maintain your health, strengthen the cardiovascular system, bring weight back to normal;
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  • recreation opportunities. Your site, the construction of gazebos, setting barbecue, lawn arrangement or other devices make it possible to organize your leisure at any time. You can invite friends for a picnic, do family dinners outdoors, cook food on the fire;
  • clean food. If you like to grow fruits, vegetables, berries or greens, life in the country is a great opportunity to provide your family with healthy foods, vitamins, fiber;
  • saving. Living in a private house in the country does not require a monthly payment of utility bills or housing loan installments. You only need to pay electricity in a timely manner, make annual contributions to the dacha partnership and pay land tax;
  • own development. The space of the suburban area will allow you to realize yourself and develop your hobby with benefit. You can equip a carpentry workshop on your own territory, repair cars, paint, etc.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, you can arrange a permanent residence at the cottage.

Remoteness from the bustle of the city will help to look at life in new ways. To live comfortably in the country, you will need to adjust your life, to be able to highlight priorities.


A large number of positive factors of permanent residence in their own home at their summer cottage is accompanied by a number of shortcomings that can be solved with a thoughtful approach.

The disadvantages of permanent residence in the country are:

  • remoteness from the city. On weekdays, you need to spend time on the way to work every day. If there are no stores in your cottage cooperative, you need to arrange regular trips to the settlement for food, household chemicals, clothes, etc. Plan your menu for the week ahead and shop at the weekend with the whole family. Entertainment, going to the cinema, other things can be transferred to your free time. Own car will completely solve the problem of distance from the city;
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  • utilities. A private house in the country needs to be equipped with water supply, sewage system, full heating. Choose budget and adequate solutions to organize the main points that affect life. Consider the need for timely system maintenance to eliminate breakdowns and interruptions;
  • Internet and telephony. Country communities are not equipped with telephone lines and optical fiber, which provides Internet. The solution may be a satellite dish, connecting operator services. A large number of companies offer wireless Internet service through wireless Internet service via 3G or 4G technology. Install a router at home that will distribute traffic to all devices and gadgets;
  • high cost of electricity. The rate for 1 kW in summer cottage cooperative is higher than the price for electrical energy in the city. Install LED appliances in the house that consume less electricity, economical lamps, use a gas stove, watch for equipment disconnection, gadgets, lighting;
  • lack of medical care.Country cooperatives do not assign clinics, so it may be difficult to visit hospitals and doctors. If you have an OMS policy issued in any region of the Russian Federation, you have the right to apply to any outpatient clinic. In case of emergency, you can call an ambulance to provide emergency assistance to the cottage.

The difficulties of permanent residence in the country are solved. Consider in advance the possible difficulties that will be faced when moving to a country house as a year-round residence.

Useful tips

On a note!

To live comfortably all year on your own land outside the city, organize all spheres of life. Think over the main factors that will help you to improve the convenience of living in a private house away from the urban infrastructure.

Analyze the following positions important for a comfortable country life:

  • power supply. Make sure that the dacha partnership, where you plan to live the whole year, is not de-energized during the winter season. Check the wiring, change if necessary, elements that provide uninterrupted supply of current. Each holiday community has a full-time electrician, who from spring to autumn is engaged in the maintenance of land plots and houses. In case of accidents and abnormal situations, purchase an electric generator, a kerosene lamp or household candles. Cook on gas equipment, so as not to depend on the power lines;
  • water supply. A common well with drinking water or a private well will solve the water problem. Use water filters for water treatment;
  • hygiene. With your own adjusted water supply and sewage, you can equip your own home with a full bathroom with toilet. The construction of a bath on your site can solve the problem with washing procedures
  • television and internet. Purchase a satellite dish or set-top box that accepts digital signals. For a full-fledged Internet service, take advantage of the offers of telephone operators providing wireless technologies for delivering traffic;
  • security. Removal from the city and the lack of nearby security structures or the police may attract unwanted individuals to your home. Fence your site, conduct video surveillance systems, illuminate the area, install reliable locking devices on the doors and windows. Consider the way to work and home to avoid moving alone in the dark.

Living in a country house all year round is a wise choice if you want to solve problems with living space, improve your health, and rest at will. The organization of life will help to make life outside the city comfortable and full. Permanent residence in the dacha cooperative has more advantages than disadvantages that can be eliminated or solved.

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