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7 best ways to get rid of mice in a country house forever

mouse in a country house

Rodents are inextricably linked to humans, they live where there is food and heat. A private house or cottage almost always becomes the object of close attention of mice that wind up indoors and interfere with humans. They gnaw walls, can spoil products and spread infections. There are quick and easy ways to destroy mice in a country house forever, among them both folk methods and those developed by professionals.

Why are mice in a private house

They love to live where there is safety, they are looking for dry, warm places for living and breeding for the winter. The gray domestic mouse is a pest that spreads diseases and destroys food stocks. They live throughout Russia, and by survival are included in the list of animals that are difficult to withdraw.

There are several reasons why mice get turned up in a house:

  • the presence of a dry cellar with products;
  • near there is a barn with living creatures;
  • grain and cereals are stored in the room;
  • you don't have a cat.

Rarely when a private house did not have neighbors in the form of rodents. To exterminate them is easy enough, and even easier - to avoid a situation when the mice settle down and begin to breed. If you follow a few rules, they will bypass you, among them both folk remedies and proven scientific.

On a note!

Before you start fighting with mice, you need to carefully check all stocks of cereals and other bulk products and remove all pockets of food available to them.

Ways of breeding mice

They often start up under the floor, can gnaw through wooden boards and baseboards and make holes for solid furniture. To start removing pests, turn off all appliances and listen at night to where the mice squeak and scrape. To do this, you need to move away from the walls all massive furniture and arrange silence. After finding the animals, you can use one of the ways to remove them from the house.


The presence of a cat or a cat is the reason that mice do not start. They smell and the presence of the enemy, so they bypass the house where the mustache predator lives. But not all cats can catch them, most often cats of popular breeds do not have a hunter gene, they will not catch mice, as they lack such an instinct. Ask your friends for a few days the usual yard cat, which quickly catches all rodents. And if there is an opportunity - take a kitten into the house, he will protect stocks from pests.


On sale you can find many options for different mousetraps. There are those where the animal dies, and there are more humane with a shutter. The rodent gets inside, eats the bait and can not go back. After detection, you can release it in the garden, if you feel sorry for killing the animal.

Next, you need to take a bucket or other high capacity, pour a small amount of water there and install a circle of cardboard or foam with bait. The trap must be installed in the place where the mice walk regularly.After the animal tries to get to the bait, the cardboard circle turns over, as a result of which the rodent falls into a container with water, from where it cannot get out on its own.

On a note!

Be careful of mechanical traps that kill rodents inside the fixture. Removing mice from them is quite difficult, so simple methods at hand are more convenient for fighting rodents.

Quite an interesting method of dealing with mice is traps using ordinary drinking water. The main advantage of this method is that it can be used with any number of animals. In order to prepare a trap from a bucket of water, you must first cut a small circle out of cardboard or foam and fasten it. On the circle you have to put a piece of cheese, which will cause interest among the caudates.

Glue traps

A simple way to get rid of rodents in the house is glue-based traps. These are special sheets of cardboard on which glue is applied. In the center there is a place for bait, on which the mice will go out of their holes. It is best to put there cheese or grain, and put them under bed at night or close to places where there are holes or rodents go out for food.

The peculiarity of this method is that the animals do not need to kill. Carefully separate them from the cardboard with your hands and let them go outside. This is not the most humane way, but it is better to persecute, after which mice can die under the floor, and an unpleasant peculiar smell will spread around the house, which is difficult to remove.


The easiest and most humane way to remove mice is to turn on the ultrasonic repeller. Mice from afar will hear a wave that is inaccessible to human hearing, and they will realize that it is dangerous for the room. When choosing a device, be sure to specify the area for which it is designed and buy a few.

In addition, ultrasound causes air vibrations that make mice feel uncomfortable. In order to remove mice from a private house using an ultrasonic trap, it is necessary to locate it closer to the mouse hole. As a result of the ultrasound, the mice will gradually begin to leave your home. According to statistics, within 2-3 days all rodents finally leave the room.

Professional disinfection

Deratation is the treatment of the premises with special preparations that are sprayed by specialists. Calling the service is inexpensive, there is a prevention and destruction of mice. When buying a new house or moving, when there is no furniture yet, it is necessary to treat all the premises from pests. According to statistics, it gives a guarantee of 98% of the appearance of rodents for 1 year.

If they have already appeared, it is necessary to make a thorough treatment of the room with a special tool. To do this, it is necessary to identify their holes, the places where they always appear and label. The specialist will carefully treat the room and this gives a guarantee of at least 1 year from the appearance of rodents.

Folk ways

In the household goods stores you can buy many types of poison for rodents, which are mixed with egg yolk or other products and placed around the perimeter of the room. This is the most popular folk method of struggle, but it is not the best if there are other animals in the house.

The poison often dries out and needs to be changed, and dead animals can smell, hiding after eating grain or other poison under the floor. Therefore, they should be poisoned by folk methods only when there is no other living creatures in the house and you are ready to clean up the dead rodents.

Fragrant Herbs

There is a great way to drive out rodents - spreading herbs around the house, having collected them in the field beforehand. They do not like the smells of wormwood, mint, tansy, and elderberry. Dried bouquets should be laid out in the corners of rooms, near holes and in those places where rodents appear most often. Herbs with strong aroma will also remove black flies, flies and mosquitoes from the house.Once a month, as it dries, you need to change the bouquet, for the winter we advise you to prepare in advance a supply of vegetable scarers for rodents.

To remove rodents from the house, you should use all available methods. The use of several options for pest control gives an excellent result. It has long been a great way against the appearance of rodents was a cat, it is the prevention of all types of rodents and additional protection of the site from the appearance of tail pests.

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mouse in a country housemouse in a country house
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  1. Karpov Geliy Nikolaevich

    All means of killing mice positive results do not give !!! Instead of some killed, new ones are infused, and this process is endless. Drives away mice Ledum marsh. You can dial it in the swamp, and you can buy a few packs at the pharmacy, it is sold freely. I take care of two packs of the marsh pharmacy ledum, scattering them inside the garden house on the baseboard and under the floor of the house. Enough for a year and a half, for two, one such processing, then repeat. I have been using this method for more than twenty years, there are no mice. Earlier there were mousetraps and every day off, when he came to the garden, he shook out the killed mice from the mousetraps. This process seemed endless, where did the mice just come from? Victory to you in the war with mice !!!


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