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Dwarf varieties of tomatoes that do not require staking

Dwarf varieties of tomatoes that do not require staking

Low-growing tomatoes, successfully grown in open ground or greenhouses, like all gardeners without exception. Plants are unpretentious, taking up little space in the ridges or in shelters, but at the same time quickly giving the crop. Dozens of varieties and hybrids of “babies” have been developed, including large-fruited tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, various colors and ripening terms. To get a decent result, take into account the characteristics of varieties, recommendations on zoning.

Determinant Tomato Varieties for Open Ground

Such tomatoes grow well without shelters, occupy little space on the ridges. In the north, it is desirable to cover them with non-woven material immediately after disembarkation, as well as closer to the fall.



An interesting variety with large fruits. Plant height not exceeding 60 cm, no steps need to be removed. Tomatoes ripen after 110 days. Different original color: on the red background are numerous golden stripes.

Northern baby

northern baby

Small bushes weighing 50-70 grams of tomatoes form on bushes. The taste of the pulp is sweet, with very weak sourness. Since 2007, the tomato is registered in the lists of the State Register. Designed for regions with a short summer season. The crop is removed in 90-100 days.

On a note!

The variety is resistant to cooling and temperature fluctuations.


The variety is large-fruited, of low height. For high yield, it is recommended to partially remove the stepchildren The harvest is ready for harvesting after 110 days. Fruits of a round, slightly flattened form from above, weigh about 180-200 grams. Occasionally light ribbing is present. Tomatoes are used on lettuce, juices, sauces.

Gentle Misha F1

Not every hybrid fruit is sweet and juicy, but this variety will delight everyone with its taste. From a bush clean up to 5 kg of fruits. The harvesting period is 95 days, so the hybrid is recommended for the northern regions. Tomatoes are similar to smooth balls, dense, weighing up to 170-190 grams. "Strengths":

  • keeping quality;
  • resistance to adverse weather factors;
  • low exposure to phytophthora.

Arctic rose

Dwarf varieties of tomatoes that do not require staking

A variety of determinant type, fruitful and unpretentious to growing conditions. Plants are small, up to 45 cm tall, form powerful brushes with fruits. Tomatoes are pink, up to 200 grams. Eat fresh, cut into salads. Tomato is considered resistant to traditional tomato diseases. The original name is Dwarf Arctic Rose.

Tarpan F1


Hybrid from breeders of the Netherlands. Attracts indicators of yield, beautiful tasty fruits. Tomato care is unpretentious, does not need to remove side branches. Very resistant to drought. Forms round tomatoes on 180-200 grams. From 1 square. meters collect up to 4-6 kg.

Low-growing tomatoes for greenhouses

In shelters, stunted tomatoes are grown next to indeterminantnyh varieties, given the height of the latter bushes.Also compact bushes plentifully fructify under film arches, in tunnels.

Best representatives:

  • Alaska - different early fruit harvest (after 85-90 days), good taste. The height of the plant - 40-50 cm, you can not stepchild;
  • Dzhalpa is a tomato from the group of palate, forms pepper-shaped tomatoes, with an unusual coloring. The skin is red, numerous stripes and yellow strokes are located on top. Pleasant taste, used in blanks, in salads in summer;
  • Lel is a very resistant to diseases and cold snaps, a variety with excellent fruit picking and excellent taste. Bushes about half a meter high, no steps need to be molded and removed. Tomatoes in the form of cream, bright red, weigh an average of 40-60 grams. Tasty fresh, also suitable for preservation;
  • Velvet season - tomatoes with sugary pulp, weighing 250-300 grams. A variety of low height, medium foliage. The plants are small, small foliage, strong, quickly form a brush. 3-4 kg of fruits are harvested from the bush;
  • Pear - standard bushes, height 50 cm, does not need formation. During the ripening period of the tomatoes, it is necessary to install supports to support the brushes. Fruits in the form of cylinders, good taste, weigh 80-120 grams. Do not crack even during prolonged storage. Such tomatoes are tasty in juices, sauces, suitable for preservation.

Dwarf tomatoes for planting in the middle lane

Breeders offer for these regions of the country a variety of varieties and hybrids of low-growing tomatoes. If desired, it is easy to choose cherry tomatoes or large, yellow or black color, yielding a harvest in June or with long-term fruiting.

Title Description Fruit characteristics Purpose Features of the variety or hybrid
Leana Plant height - 40 cm, high foliage. The first brush comes after 6 sheets Tomatoes leveled, weighing 70-90 grams, tasty and juicy Salads, juice processing Little prone to late blight, spotting. Prevention of VTM required
Shuttle Bred in two stems, the bushes reach a height of about half a meter Tomatoes with a "nose", a cylindrical shape. Weigh approximately 80-100 grams, rich red color. Praise for great taste For winter preparations, fresh, sliced Taste is better with fruits grown in the exhaust.
Crimson Viscount Very compact bush, up to half a meter in height. Not sprawling Fruits 300-400 grams, raspberry color. Fine taste in salads, sliced In food fresh, for cooking sauces and various culinary dishes The first fruits are removed after 90-95 days. Not "afraid" of phytophthora
Supermodel Cluster tomato, height 50-70 cm. Formed into 2 stems, but can be left without molding Fruits are elongated, 100 grams each, of saturated scarlet color. Tastes good Fresh, seamed Productivity - 3 kg from a bush
Piglet Bushes up to 80 cm, determinant type Fruits are red, approximately 100-120 grams. The shape is slightly flattened, rounded. By color - red Fresh

For open ridges


Russian delicious Stamb variety of national selection. Grows up to 60 cm, no need to remove stepchildren Red tomatoes weighing 100-120 grams. The flesh is sweet, aromatic, high product properties Salads Resistant to all diseases

Low-growing tomatoes for Siberia and the Urals

Varieties of low height are indispensable for cultivation in regions with harsh climates. In Siberia and the Urals, many determinant tomatoes have time to ripen before the onset of the first cold snap.


Early and undersized variety with fruits similar to large chicken eggs. Plant height - 70-80 cm, very saturated green foliage. Tomatoes reach 300 grams (some copies of the lower row), on average - 180-200 grams. Suitable for all types of preservation (in marinades, pickling), for eating fresh.



Standard bushes, up to 30 cm. In brushes 4-6 tomatoes are formed, the average weight is 80 grams. Tomatoes with a dense skin, meaty contents. Sweet, with a small amount of acid.

On a note!

Tomato does not need a pinching, tying to the supports.


One of the famous varietiesIt is planted in all regions and produces crops. It has been grown in Siberia for a long time, it does not fail even in a difficult season for tomatoes.

When cultivated without a pinching and garter, the bushes grow in breadth, often falling on the ground. Height - 60 cm. It is recommended to install pegs for support.

Round shaped tomatoes reach about 100 grams. But their taste is average, although the variety is appreciated because it is suitable for compacted plantings, gives an early collection and unpretentious. Great for recycling.



Tomato of semi-thistle type, showed itself perfectly in the conditions of regions with low temperatures, with a short summer. Bushes 60-80 cm, need a garter. In the hands of 4-5 fruits of bright red color. Tomatoes are harvested at the stage of technical maturity, then they ripen well at home.

Rosy Gosh

Presented by the breeders of the company "Siberian Garden". Unpretentious, fruitful, with wonderful "pink-cheeked" fruits tomato. They weigh 200-250 grams each. The shrubs are small, grow no more than 50-60 cm. The stepynos are not removed.

Tomatoes for the Northwest

Gardeners of the Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Pskov Regions, Karelia prefer to plant determinant varieties in the plots. Low plants do not suffer from temperature fluctuations, they quickly give the crop, managing to “get away” from the autumn cold weather and diseases.

High ratings received varieties:

  • Wind rose - standard type bushes do not need a garter and removal of side branches, fruitful. The height of the bushes is 45-50 cm. Tomatoes are smooth, round, 140-150 grams each, of good taste;
  • The early bird, a tomato variety, from the Poisk agricultural holding, is distinguished by its ultra early ripeness and late blight resistance. Plant height - 40 cm, strong foliage. The taste of red dense fruit is sweet, with a slight sourness. Weigh 60-90 grams. Inside - 3-4 seed nests;
  • Sarmat is a tomato resistant to phytophthora and cladosporioza. It is grown more often in open ground, grows up to 60 cm. In simple inflorescences with 4-5 fruits. Tomatoes are oval, red, good taste;
  • Severin - strong and stocky bushes grow up to 40 cm. Tomatoes in the form of "cream", up to 80 grams. Fruits ripen together, have a pleasant taste and aroma. The main purpose of this variety is canning;
  • Red canine is not a capricious determinant variety, with tomatoes weighing 80-90 grams. The shape is elongated, resembles a canine. Under a red strong peel - juicy pulp. Fruits most often go to conservation, although fresh are also tasty;
  • Polar - fast lane, with small bushes and tasty fruits. Tomatoes are round, slightly flattened, saturated burgundy. Weigh about 160 grams, 10-12 cameras inside. Purpose is universal.
On a note!

The variety of tomato Polar suitable for those who are looking for tomatoes of early ripening, compact size and good sweet taste.

Low-growing tomatoes for the south of Russia

Love "kids" in the southern regions. Crumbs tomatoes are compactly placed on the ridges, and if not so fruitful, but they require a minimum of care.

Popular varieties:

  • Tourmaline - bred specifically for cultivation in the open field, unpretentious. Fruits with glossy smooth skin, rounded, weigh 170-200 grams. Coloring - bright crimson;
  • Watercolor - shows a stable collection of tomatoes in any season. Forms a large number of fruit plum-shaped, weighing about 50-60 grams. The color is red. The consistency of the content is dense, juicy. The grade is ideally suited for salting, preparation of various preparations (like allsorts);
  • Bobcat F1 - a drought-resistant hybrid from Holland, with high rates of productivity. Bushes strong, thorough, up to 70 cm high.Removal of stepsons is optional. Fruits with barely visible ribbing, with a glossy peel, red. The color of tomatoes at maturity stage is red. Taste - sweetish with pronounced sourness.

Find a place to plant on the site of low-growing tomato varieties can every summer resident. With proper care and proper farming, these “crumbs” will delight with excellent results even for beginner gardeners.

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Dwarf varieties of tomatoes that do not require stakingDwarf varieties of tomatoes that do not require staking

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