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Egg trays: creative and useful ideas for use in the garden

Egg Trays

Practical application of egg trays in the garden and garden will solve the problem with garbage and give useful tools that will help the process of growing crops, caring for plants, organizing a home nursery. Containers made of cardboard and plastic containers are suitable for re-use. Do not throw away egg packs to use to your advantage.

Stencil for landings

Square egg packs are conveniently sized to fit a vegetable patch. Make a stencil for root crops or other crops from an egg tray. Apply the tool by following the algorithm:

  • start preparing a soil substrate for a carrot bed 14 days before sowing;
  • Dig the ground with a depth of 30 cm;
  • make rotted compost, rotted mullein or humus in the calculation of 5 kg of organic matter per 1 sq. km. m;
  • add loam, river sand;
  • organize a narrow ridge up to 60 cm wide without a slope;
  • 1 day before sowing abundant spill the landing area with defended water, so that the soil was moistened 15 cm deep;
  • loosen the landing surface with a rake;
  • with a box of eggs, apply effort to a loose soil substrate, leaving imprints;
  • process, therefore, the whole ridge;
  • in the formed small grooves make a bookmark of seed (seeds, bulbs, seedlings).

With the help of packaging from under the eggs, you can easily plan the planned landing. The space between the holes formed by the egg substrate will be sufficient for the full growth and development of greenery, flowers, some varieties of root crops, onions, etc.

Compact hotbed stencil in open ground

An egg container can serve as a practical container for growing seedlings. To obtain the fixture, use square-shaped substrates made of cardboard. Make a convenient device for sowing without thinning carrots, radishes, basil, flowers, etc.

Carry out the manufacture of a nursery for beds in the following sequence:

  • collect several cardboard trays;
  • cut the bottom of the protruding cells;
  • fertilize and dig a bed;
  • water the landing pad abundantly;
  • loosen the surface;
  • lay on the ridge and press down;
  • pour into each cell 1-2 processed seeds;
  • Dig the crops with the soil layer along with the boxes.

Using egg trays in the garden is safe due to the environmental friendliness of the material from which the packaging is made.

Using an egg box will allow you to rationally use the seed, get the right planting without weeds, eliminate the stage of thinning of the seedlings, ensure that the moisture inside the substrate is preserved.

Fruit Protection

A number of varieties of tomato or cucumber bushes form their fruits close to the ground. Tomatoes in contact with the soil rot, prone to eating insects, polluted, vulnerable to diseases. With the help of egg substrates organize devices that prevent contact of vegetables with the ground.

Choose one of the ways to organize the protection of ripening vegetables:

  • row spacing. Cut the cardboard into strips or put the containers between the rows of landings. Fruits fall to the surface of the package. Weed grass will not grow through the layer of mulch, moisture will remain inside the soil;
  • Place the container under the individual hanging fruit. Pouring vegetable does not touch the ground surface, will remain clean.

The use of egg trays to protect the fruits of plants not only eliminates the contact of ripening vegetables with the soil substrate, but also retains the moisture of the soil, prevents the growth of the shrub, weed germination.

Home nursery

Equip your egg container with convenient tools for growing onion feathers. For a homely nursery, you will need a plastic tray or egg container.

Make a home-made device according to the following algorithm:

  • Lay the pallet or plastic container from under the eggs on the window sill;
  • cut out the cardboard trays to the size of the lower base;
  • cut the bottom of the protruding compartments;
  • insert the cut segments into the lower tier so that the holes touch the bottom;
  • pour water into the hotbed;
  • Place the prepared onions in the cells.

After 5-7 days, the onion will take down the roots and will receive nourishment from the water, and feather growth will begin on top. Regularly add fluid to ensure that the root system is moist.

Strawberry Protectors

Ripening berries on strawberry bushes under their weight fall on the soil, where they can be damaged by rodents, caterpillars, susceptible to diseases. Contaminated ripened fruits are difficult to clean.

Make protective supports to protect the berry crop:

  • in the square cardboard backing center cut a hole with a diameter of 20 cm or another size to fit a bush in the hole. Gently slide the device on the strawberries, placing the ripening berries on the protecting material;
  • Plastic containers cut into two halves. Place strawberry bushes with blanks so that the ripening fruits fall on the substrates.

Self-made protection of strawberries from pollution, eating insects, the formation of gray rot will save your crop, will become an obstacle to the growth of weeds, keep moisture under plantings.

Preparation of beds after winter

Cardboard egg containers can be used for compost heating frozen ground after winter in greenhouses. Use containers for the organization of compost heating and cultivation of early greens, radishes, early ripe varieties of vegetables and flowers.

Carry out activities for the organization of warm beds in greenhouse structures in the following sequence:

  • lay egg trays on frozen soil;
  • over the top evenly place a layer of mullein, old hay, fallen leaves, compost;
  • cover organic matter with soil substrate;
  • plentifully pour the landing with heated water;
  • process the soil with a solution that protects against diseases (for example, “Baikal”).

In a multi-layered bed with a large amount of organic matter and substrates that protect against frozen ground, an intensive process of decay will begin, accompanied by the release of heat. After 14 days after the organization of the warm ridge, you can make crops of greenery, seedlings, root crops, early ripe vegetables.

Egg trays in the garden

Egg carton packs can serve as an excellent mulching component to protect berry crops. Substrates protect from germination of weeds, evaporation of soil moisture, freezing of the root system of fruit and berry bushes, contact of ripening berries with soil.

  • Apply egg tare as follows:
  • Place trays around raspberry, currant, gooseberry bushes;
  • cover with cardboard containers planting perennial flowers for the winter;
  • cover with strawberry plantings.

Pereprevayuschee cardboard is an excellent ingredient in the compost heap and the protective device next to the plant.

Country crafts

You can lay a garden path from cardboard and plastic packages, build a simple bird feeder, and grow seedlings. From cardboard, moistened with an aqueous adhesive solution, make a malleable material from which you can sculpt a variety of crafts and figures, using the technology of papier-mâché.

For country comfort create:

  • garden birds. Cut the cells out of the cardboard container, paint them with watercolor or gouache, cover with varnish. Ornamental birds can be seated in a feeder or mounted on branches of fruit trees;
  • homemade flowers. Soak the cardboard trays in warm water, squeeze out the raw materials, add the PVA glue, achieve a homogeneous mass. Sculpt the raw material into a wire frame to make a flower stem. From the cardboard composition mold the core of the flower, the petals. Make classic daisies, create bells, sculpt roses. Attach the parts with thermal paste or a stable adhesive composition. Thoroughly dry the product, paint it in different colors with gouache or acrylic, cover with a colorless varnish. Set crafts on the lawn, next to the garden figures or make an improvised flower bed;
  • garden hedgehogs. Knead the cardboard mixture for modeling paper mache. Sculpt little body, muzzle, needles. Carefully glue the parts when attaching to each other. Decorate crafts with colors depicting the eyes, mustache, mouth. Relive the figurine with a homemade apple. If desired, organize inside the hedgehog backlight of the LED bulb. Coat the dried composition with a layer of colorless varnish;
  • flower garland. Blind out of the cardboard mass, softened with water and glue, flowers in the form of roses or bluebells. Provide a hole to place the light fixture. Paint the finished dried mockups and paint them with varnish. Elegant crafts, protected by lacquer composition, is not afraid of moisture. You can decorate with a homemade lamps veranda, terrace, gazebo;
  • family photo frames. Decorate with papier-mâché of egg packaging, ordinary frames for pictures, paint them, make commemorative inscriptions, varnish, place images of loved ones.

Practical application of egg trays in the garden and garden will facilitate the work of the gardener, will provide an opportunity to make useful tools for growing crops in the beds, on the windowsill, in greenhouses. With the help of papier-mâché, on the basis of cardboard packaging, create various crafts for decorating country comfort.

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Egg TraysEgg Trays

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