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Description of the variety tomato "Rapunzel"

Rapunzel tomato variety description

Grow your products very well. We help you with this by talking about excellent varieties of tomatoes and their agricultural practices. Moreover, tomatoes are not only standard, but also quite rare and new. That's what this is about today. So, we suggest you to learn about the Rapunzel tomato, its reviews, also to look at a photo, to estimate productivity. This tomato is for those who love everything unusual, individual.

general description

Variety "Rapunzel" new. It was brought out in 2014, it was made by the FloraNova company. At the end of the year, the tomato was shown at the exhibition, which was a surprise to many, and from 2015 it was possible to buy it. A beautiful name was given in honor of the princess from the famous fairy tale, who had luxurious long hair. What is the association, you think? Just look at the photo, as the lashes with tomatoes fall down like curls of a beauty. That is the appropriate name.

Tomato has a lot of different advantages, including high yields, unusual appearance, impressive bushes strewn with tomatoes, like the Cherry variety. Also, the fruits do not get sick, and many can grow them just on their balcony. This unique tomato is suitable for greenhouses and home, but only consider the dimensions, which will be mentioned in the specifications. The tomato is high, it needs good support and a place, but you will get an unusual experience, a lot of tasty, ecologically clean fruits.

Rapunzel Tomatoes. Variety description

  • Refers to indeterminate species. Tomato bushes can grow up to 2.5 meters. This must be taken into account in advance when preparing supports.
  • Not a standard plant.
  • Hybrid. He has a good immunity, there are no similar relatives.
  • Tomato refers to species with early ripening. You will receive your first unusual fruit in 70-80 days after sowing, which is very fast.
  • Highly resistant tomatoes to the most common diseases of tomatoes.
  • Designed for closed ground.
  • Fruits hang on straight cysts, where they can be located up to 40 pieces on the principle of "Cherry".
  • The skin color is saturated scarlet, it is glossy, dense. The flesh is juicy, pleasant to the taste.
  • Seed chambers are few.
  • Variety of tomato "Rapunzel" is very photo-loving. Keep this in mind if you decide to grow a tomato on the balcony. It should be south or east side and in the reserve you need to have a lamp in case of lack of light.
  • Refers to lettuce tomatoes. You can preserve it, eat it fresh, which is most often done, prepare delicious salads and snacks. Dishes are obtained with these tomatoes are especially tasty.
  • It is worth noting the fact that Rapunzel tomato seeds are very problematic to buy, they are rare. And if you get them, you can be exactly proud of the harvest and get the surprise of your country house neighbor.
  • High-yielding tomato.
  • Fruits tolerate transportation.
  • Formation is required. It is best to leave one stalk.
  • A distinctive feature of the very variety of tomato "Rapunzel" - is its thick stem, on which tassels hang down, facing each other, fruits. Such stems help the variety not to break under the weight of its own crop.

Very interesting tomato "Rapunzel", as we see from its description. While it is difficult to get it, but you can order your friends who will go abroad. To grow this tomato in our latitudes on the balcony or in the greenhouse is not so difficult, especially as manufacturers say about “Rapunzel” as a variety for any climatic zones.We will tell you further about what agricultural technologies and nuances should be, as we always do. After reading and purchasing seeds, you will be 100% ready.

Agrotechnology. Tomato "Rapunzel"

Currently, there is no definite answer about the technique of cultivating the variety of tomatoes "Rapunzel", as this tomato is not yet common in our country. There is general information about what and how it will be better to do so that a variety of such a plan could be grown on a balcony or in a greenhouse. They consist of recommendations and techniques derived from the cultivation of tall tomatoes with high yields.

If we talk about presowing treatment of seeds, then it is better to do it. The fact is that if you could find Rapunzel tomato seeds, then for sure you cannot know where, how and from where they were obtained, if you just didn’t bring their friends from abroad.

  • The first thing to do is to check the seed for germination. To do this, immerse it in a weak solution of salt in water. Those seeds that have become hot, you remove, then wash the good ones.
  • After it is better to treat the seeds for the prevention of diseases. It can be as usual potassium permanganate, and commercial preparations - “Trikhodermin-BL”. Has good reviews, is biologically active. You can also use TMTD or a solution of ash in water.
  • Sometimes gardeners replace seed treatment in preparations with another procedure - sunflower seeds put sun for three days.



Experienced gardeners also harden the seeds. To do this, they put them 14 days before landing in the water, it must overlap a little material. Day and night the temperature should change. In the evening you take out the seeds on the balcony, where it should be 0-2 degrees, in the morning you bring in 17-20 degrees.


Seeds after processing are sown in boxes with universal primer. After moistened and placed under the film. If the presowing treatment has been carried out, then shoots will appear soon. They need to be watered when the soil dries, turn to the sun. The picking is carried out in the phase of 2-3 leaves. It is better to place the seedlings in peat pots and nutritious soil, in order to simply plant them in a container in a permanent place. Pots help saplings to adapt faster, prevent injuries of the root system.



Be sure to follow soil acidity, it should not be sour. If this is not the case, add lime. The optimal level is 7 PH.
Your seedlings grow up, then it is waiting for landing on a permanent place. In general, all the principles with the Rapunzel tomato are no different from the methods of growing tall tomatoes. If you want to grow a Rapunzel tomato on the balcony, then immediately purchase a suitable spacious container so that the roots are not cramped. It is important. Next, prepare the props in advance. With regards to the soil, you can mix the finished soil with garden soil and humus. Land from the garden is better to shed boiling water to pickle. And remember the drainage in the pots.




To prevent insects from attacking your balcony, sow spicy herbs in trays next to tomatoes.


Supplements are carried out every 10-14 days. Some gardeners advise to fertilize once a week, it is better to alternate between organic and mineral supplements. When you put the seedlings on a permanent place on the balcony, reduce the feed, where there is nitrogen or urea, otherwise your bushes will grow upwards, increasing the greenery, but will not form the ovary. Now it is best to feed them superphosphate. Potassium sulfate is also well suited. From organics, any tomato like mullein, dung and chicken manure. They can now be bought in dry form and diluted according to the instructions.

Remember that, as a rule, it is hot on the balcony, and you will often have to water the saplings and spray them. Pollination is not necessary, but just a little shake the flowers you need. Shaping the bushes is also necessary. This tomato is formed into one stem, that is, all stepchildren you remove. When the bushes begin to bear fruit, watch the uniform light so that they ripen.

All these recommendations are easy to follow. Seasoned gardeners already know them, for beginners we wish to gain experience and good luck.

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Rapunzel tomato variety descriptionRapunzel tomato variety description

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