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Description of the grade "Silver Spruce"

Tomato silver fir characteristic and description of the variety

Agree, if all the time to plant the same tomatoes, then you can never find your ideal variety. After all, there are gardeners who do not know that it is possible, for example, not to pinch a culture, but there are also such varieties that the phytophthora is not terrible, but it is a disaster for the gardener. These are the highly resistant varieties of tomatoes "Silver Spruce", a description and photo of them is the topic of our article. But that's not all. This variety is unique due to its unusual carved bush, for which he received a characteristic name, so also the fruits have a pleasant pubescence.

general description

To say exactly where this tomato came from is difficult. There is an opinion that a resident of the capital of our Motherland, who at one time went to live in America, brought him out. And her selection work in the form of tomato "Silver Spruce" took abroad. Soon there he became very popular, the summer residents appreciated his dignity.

Now find a good description of this tomato is almost impossible, because we wrote this article. If we talk about tomato "Silver Spruce", judging by the reviews and photos, the gardeners of our country also rated the variety. Many people like the unusual shrub, which has carved, green-silver leaves, as if covered with frost. You can also find reviews about the fruits themselves, which for many have become a discovery, because they have not a glossy skin, but slightly downy. Some say it is velvety. Seeds are not so often found in stores, as they are rare and immediately sold out.

Tomato "Silver Spruce". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Variety refers to species with early ripening. Depending on the conditions and region, you will receive the first fruits at 85-100 days after sowing.
  • It feels great in the open field and in the greenhouse.
  • Sredneroslye bushes. Height can reach an average of 70-90 cm.
  • Shrubs better tie.
  • Formation in 2-3 stalks is required for maximum yields.
  • Highly resistant to common tomato diseases variety.
  • Forms compact fruits of 150-200 grams. They are convenient for canning in general. But these fresh tomatoes are very tasty and fragrant.
  • The color of the skin is scarlet, there is a “down”.
  • The shape of the fruit is oval, slightly oblate.
  • Refers to determinant species.
  • Not afraid of weather extremes.
  • Suitable for growing in most regions of our country.
  • Fruitful tomato. One shrub can produce 4-5 kg ​​of fruit.
  • The flesh is sour, very juicy. It contains a lot of lycopene and other substances we need.

This feature and photo show us beautiful tomatoes with luxurious unusual bushes. Of course, according to tradition, we are not just telling you about tomatoes, be it "Silver Spruce" or others, but also about cultivation. Agrotechnics is simple, unpretentious variety, because you can grow it on your site without any problems.

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Planting and care. Silver Spruce Tomato

Crops begin in late March - early April. Do not forget to look at the lunar calendar before boarding; he is the assistant of all summer residents. It is better to immediately sow the seeds in peat pots, which are filled with nutritious universal primer. So, you will save time, avoid unpleasant situations during the pick-up, transfer to open ground. At this point, often break down the roots, stems, seedlings can then hurt. You place peat pots in the ground right away.


To better seedlings grow roots, soak the seeds in the "Kornevine" before planting.

So, you covered the ground, placed the seed in the center, slightly buried it. After that, they moistened the soil with a spray bottle, covered it with a film and placed it on a saucer. Your shoots will appear within 7-10 days. Next, remove the film, continue to water the seedlings when the soil dries. After 55-60 days, the seedlings can be transferred to open ground.

In advance, you must prepare the wells, supports, and harden the seedlings. The distance between the bushes should be 35-50 cm. In advance, pour boiling water over the soil with manganese to kill the parasites and the pathogenic environment. Before planting in each well, you pour a spoonful of mineral fertilizer. Make the first feed 14-20 days after transfer. Next, again in 14-20 days. You can take slurry, droppings, compost. You can buy the finished product in the store and dilute, according to the instructions.


To make your crop ecologically clean, choose either organic or traditional methods to fertilize your tomatoes, or preparations with a safe, biological composition, and not chemistry.

Seedlings immediately better tie to the supports. As you grow, you must form 2-3 stems - in the uppermost sinus you leave 1-2 stepsons, remove all the others. You will not be sick of the variety. You just have to water, feed, loosen the soil, remove the stepsons and weeds. That's all you need to know about Silver Spruce Tomatoes, care and planting, to get a bountiful harvest.

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Care and attention, as well as agricultural techniques on the lunar calendar will give you positive results of work very soon. Unusual bushes and fruits will settle in your beds for a long time.

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tomato silver fir characteristic and description of the varietyTomato silver fir characteristic and description of the variety

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