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Description of tomato "watermelon"

If you are a person who loves everything not like others, then the “Watermelon” tomato, the description of the variety of which we offer you further, can really surprise you with its unusual look. Why such a name? Yes, just take a look at the photo and everything becomes clear. The fruits have green stripes that remind everyone of their favorite berries. But not only this is remarkable for this tomato.

general description

The tomato is bred in our country, there is a record about it in the State Register. It is more intended for greenhouse cultivation. But if you are a resident of warm regions, you can freely grow a variety on beds in open ground. The tomato has an impressive appearance, as it grows more than two meters high.

Of course, it will be necessary to work with the variety, since it must be tied up and shaped. But all this is not so difficult. A garter is made to supports from a wire or to a trellis, and how to form a watermelon tomato, we will tell you in this article. Summer residents love this tomato for its unusual appearance, for good yield. Fruits and shrubs are subject to few diseases. And this often happens with those varieties that are grown in greenhouse conditions, where there is a lot of moisture and indoor soil, which can be poorly processed.

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Watermelon Tomato. Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Tomatoes have medium early ripening. Vintage variety forms the first time in about 107-110 days.
  • Plus tomatoes in that they bear a long period.
  • They have resistance to phytophthora and fungal diseases.
  • The color of the fruit is red, dark with green ribs, which are located closer to the stem. Form slightly flattened.
  • Fruits have a mass of up to 200 grams, but if the summer resident cares carefully, complies with all agricultural practices, then the weight of tomatoes may be more than half a kilo.
  • One bush can give an average of three kilograms or more.
  • Fruits may crack.
  • Tomatoes are very tasty, fragrant, can lie for a long time.
  • Due to the unusual appearance and good transportability can be grown for sale. But transportation should be neat so that the tomatoes are not cracked.
  • The height of the bush 195-210 cm. Requires support. Slightly leafy.
  • Tomato "Watermelon" in the open field will have less impressive size and weight of fruits 120-150 grams. But only in the southern regions such a landing is possible.

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This variety is very unpretentious, if we talk about the minuses, this is the formation and garter. But here everything is simple. After planting the seedlings in the greenhouse, immediately tie up the seedlings to the ropes, along which they will grow. With regards to the formation, the best harvest will be if the stem is left only one. That is, you delete all stepchildren and in the upper sinuses, too. You can remove some of the lower leaves to ripen more intense.





The soil for planting tomato "watermelon", according to reviews, it is better to take a neutral or slightly acidic. Photo, who planted a tomato, clearly show what you get as a result.

Seedlings are planted in March in separate pots, peat tablets. The soil should be well drained and non-acidic. Crops are covered until the moment of emergence with a film. After the seedlings have risen, they are put on the windowsill, watered as the soil dries.Do not forget to loosen the ground and roll the seedlings so that they do not arch. You can make a once-integrated drug.

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Planting in the greenhouse is carried out in May, the soil is prepared in advance - they dig it up, spill it from parasites, make holes. On one meter should not be more than three bushes. The supports are taken care of in advance. In each hole you can pour the finished fertilizer or a spoonful of ash, humus and sand in equal proportions. After planting, the seedlings are watered as they dry out, loosen and air the greenhouse each time. About the formation, we have said earlier, you need to make fertilizer 2-3 times per season. With proper care, the variety bears fruit until frost.

Such agricultural technology will allow you to grow unusual fruit. They will delight you and your family on the table.

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