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Original crafts made of brick to give

After construction, there is not only a pleasant feeling from the successful work, but also a mountain of building materials. Everyone is familiar with the situation when a block of bricks have nowhere to put and it simply takes up space in the yard, spoiling the general appearance. A much better option would be to turn building materials into interesting elements of the exterior decor. So the cottage will become more interesting and beautiful, and the private courtyard will be stylish. The following selection will give inspiration and suggest a few ideas.


Landscaping the area near the house is not only pleasant, beautiful, but also useful. With the help of several bricks, you can make a very practical construction, for example, a brazier. It will not take much time to create it, and a reliable device for frying meat and vegetables will come in handy while relaxing with friends. In addition, you can lay out any design: multi-storey with a grid or a classic long barbecue grill.


If there are a lot of building materials left and the area is quite large, you can venture to build a gazebo. She will allow to spend time in the fresh air, not worrying about changes of weather. There are many options for the design of the house. It can be closed or open, round or square, with built-in benches or empty inside.

Here you should focus on your own taste and on the amount of materials available.

Spiral multi-level flower bed

Square brick box for flowers - too boring. A flower bed in the form of a spiral with elevation will be much more interesting. At first glance, only a master can build this. But in fact - this is a great way to learn how to work with bricks, because the hack does not have to be very strong, and inaccurate seams can be covered with climbing plants.


The interior of a country house or a veranda can be decorated with an interesting candlestick. To do this, drill two holes in the brick without making a through hole. At this place put a small candle with a pleasant aroma.

A simple product will make any room cozy and stylish.

You can also put a small plant in one of the holes, such as succulent.

Garden arch

Owners of huge cottages can turn their site into a fabulous garden or park. Ornamental plants, carefully selected flowers and arches will help create a magical atmosphere. They may have a standard shape or the original appearance of a spiral. It is also possible to add brickwork with forged elements and greens. When choosing a style it is necessary to take into account the overall design of the landscape and the exterior of the house.


The sound of water will turn the cottage into a heavenly place to relax, calm your thoughts and relax your nerves. Such luxury can be afforded even with only 5 hectares of land available. After all, it is not necessary to construct a real waterfall: to decorate a garden, it will be enough to build a height of up to one meter.

It is important to make it as natural as possible using old bricks, stones and ivy.

Flower garden

When a couple of bricks remain, you should not throw them away. The material can be an excellent reason to make the territory more colorful, fun and natural with the help of flowers. Even a novice master can show his imagination here in choosing the shape, height and location of the flower garden. Bricks should be fixed with cement or simply folded down. It is also worth experimenting with a coating using clear lacquer or bright paint.

Bird feeder

Nature lovers should not be limited to a birdhouse on a tree. From the remnants of building materials you can make a beautiful watering for birds. Such a container with fresh water will attract many birds on a hot day. And their singing better than any music will create a fabulous atmosphere in the garden. The combination of bleached brick, decorative elements and flowering plants will look graceful.

Figure track

This practical decor is suitable for those who have in stock a sufficient amount of very strong building material that is resistant to stress, moisture and low temperature. You can turn the track into a bright red trail or make a beautiful frame for multi-colored gravel. The small size of the brick will allow you to make a wavy shape of the pavement with smooth curves.

These crafts - just a small part of the many options for decorating the garden. You should estimate the area, take into account the features of the site and show imagination in order to turn a pile of bricks into a work of art.

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