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The benefits of hydrogen peroxide for orchids

Hydrogen oxide and orchid

Hydrogen peroxide for plants can be used for the treatment and prevention of diseases. This method of watering saturates the leaves and roots with the necessary amount of oxygen. Fertilizer use should begin at the stage of processing seeds of orchids before planting. It is important to consider the degree of peroxide concentration. The use of the remedy has a beneficial effect on the root system of the plant.

What is the use

Peroxide is used in various fields: in medicine, beauty industry, etc. In contact with water, it decomposes into water and oxygen. Such a chemical reaction is absolutely safe for the environment. Therefore, upon contact with the plant, hydrogen peroxide gives the effect of "rainwater".

Hydrogen Peroxide for OrchidThe effect of peroxide on plants is similar to the natural processes that return the flower to pristine conditions. Thanks to this fertilizer, decorative orchids accelerate their growth and saturate their soil with oxygen.


Peroxide will help in the treatment of orchids and the removal of unnecessary pests. Hydrogen peroxide solution fertilizes the substrate and acts as a fungicide (chemical to combat fungal plant diseases).

Hydrogen peroxide disinfects the plant, because the compound itself has:

  • oxidative;
  • restorative properties.

The fertilizer acts as an antiseptic on the leaves and the root system of the orchid.


Begin to use this fertilizer with caution. In watering time keep a close watch on phalaenopsis, excluding any other fertilizers. There are objective reasons for this:

  1. The chemical compound is an OH-undesirable radical arising from the interaction of H2O2 with copper and iron ions.
  2. The plant can respond to powerful fertilizer in different ways. To overdo it with hydrogen peroxide is quite simple, the consequences will not keep you waiting: the plant's immunity will be undermined and it will not be able to resist from various microorganisms.

To soak orchid seeds, you need to use a peroxide solution in the following proportions: 25 drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide + water (250 ml). Next, soak the seeds in the resulting solution for half an hour, then rinse with running water. For permanent care of the flower, use running water for several days.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Orchid


  1. When watering a young or adult plant, in no case should you soak or completely water the flower with the prepared solution. Here spraying will do.
  2. To create a solution, a 3% peroxide solution is required. It is recommended to spray from special sprayers so that the liquid is evenly distributed to all parts of the plant.
  3. Treatments require vegetative parts of the flower. These include stems, root system and leaves. (but not the flowers themselves!) After watering, it is desirable to maintain the temperature from 20 to 25 degrees above zero, avoiding direct sunlight.

There are other ways of processing - wiping the leaves of the flower.The plant will be cured of infections, if a cotton sponge moistened in a solution of hydrogen peroxide to wipe the leaves. To prevent the occurrence of infections and diseases, you need to take a cotton swab dipped in a solution, which should be carefully and carefully wiped off the sites of possible infections.


After completion of watering is necessary to check the flower for the presence of moisture in the core. Eliminate unwanted fluid can be a normal cloth.

The pot does not allow the plant to completely spray the root system. It is recommended to carefully remove the orchid from the pot and do the same procedure.

To prepare the solution for the treatment of orchids should be treated carefully. Do not use undiluted hydrogen peroxide solution, it is necessary to bring it to three percent. The plant will not feel significant harm, but its immune system will weaken. Depending on the state of the culture, it is possible to reduce or increase the frequency of use of hydrogen peroxide. It can last several days, or stretch out to one or two weeks. It is undesirable to carry out the treatment more often than once in a seasonal one, again to maintain a strong immune system of the orchid.

Hydrogen peroxide is suitable as a fertilizer for orchids. Concentration should be considered, do not overdo it with care and quantity. As in the treatment of wounds on the skin, hydrogen peroxide primarily helps to eliminate the nidus of infections, but not to cure them completely. Precise instructions for the use of fertilizers do not exist, as each living flower requires an individual approach.

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Hydrogen oxide and orchidHydrogen oxide and orchid

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