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Let's talk about the tomato variety "Mikado pink"

Tomato Mikado pink characteristic and description of the variety

Salad tomatoes are always juicy, sweet, meaty, and we love them the most. What is natural, because who does not want after a long winter to eat healthy fresh vegetables that do not need to be processed thermally. Tomato "Mikado pink" is a salad variety. Reviews are pleased, you can already see the photo of the yield. Time-tested tomatoes, so they can be trusted.

general description

This is an unusual variety, because it has existed for dozens of years, and it is impossible to say exactly who brought it out. Someone claims, they say, a tomato comes from America, someone says that they brought it in the Far East. There is an opinion that the tomatoes "Mikado" were created by folk selection, the approximate date of creation of the tomato is called 1974, but perhaps it was even earlier. In general, many people prefer pink tomatoes, considering them to be more sweet, wholesome and juicy.

Variety "Mikado" is more suitable for warm regions. If you live in a temperate climate, it is best to grow it to get the expected results in the greenhouse. It's not even that the tomato is very thermophilic, as it adapts well, but that it needs a long sunny day. Therefore, for growing in regions with a cooler climate, we need a greenhouse and, possibly, additional lighting. But efforts will pay off an excellent harvest of delicious fruits.


Tomato "Mikado pink". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Not a hybrid look. Seeds can be used to grow the same crop next year.
  • Tall variety - up to 1.8-2.5 meters in length grows stem. Requires pinching.
  • Need a pasynkovanie.
  • Refers to indeterminate species.
  • It has an early ripening period - you will get your tasty Mikado tomatoes 90-95 days after sowing seedlings.
  • The tomato has tomato counterparts "Mikado" - red, yellow, black.
  • Requires support stalk and branches with the harvest.
  • It grows both outdoors and in greenhouses and greenhouses.
  • Formation is required in one stem.
  • Very tasty tomatoes, juicy, fleshy.
  • It has a high resistance to the most common diseases of nightshade.
  • Tomatoes salad destination. You can make from them and harvesting, but the taste of the fruit during the heat treatment changes.
  • Large-fruited tomatoes - the weight of tomatoes can reach up to 700 grams.
  • The skin has a pink color, and it is dense, which perfectly protects the crop from cracking.
  • Well transported, can be grown for sale.
  • Subject to the conditions, will be stored for a long time.

The Mikado variety has many advantages, and this cannot be denied. With him, of course, he will have to be bothered, but for a summer resident who loves garden affairs, such concerns are more pleasant, and this gives a new experience. As a result, the harvest will pay for the time and effort and will delight the entire season. So that you can grow this tomato, we recommend that you continue to read about the cultivation in order to know all the details.

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Agrotehnika grade "Mikado"

Seedlings begin to sow in the second half of March, adhering to the lunar sowing calendar gardener. You can always buy the soil in most shops, in the season they sell soil for seedlings of flowers and cultures, different outlets that are not even related to the garden and the garden. This land has an optimally balanced composition, you do not need to make any feed, while the seedlings will grow in it.It is better to buy ready-made pots made of cardboard or peat to the purchased soil, they will help you save time on the pick and secure the root system during transfer to a permanent place, as they are planted in the holes directly with this pot.

If you want to use your land, then it should be garden soil, humus and sand. Here you pour a spoonful of superphosphate, sprinkle boiling water from parasites in advance, and add a handful of ash. You can pour this soil into individual pots or into a common container. Do not forget that there must be holes in the containers for drainage. Now turn to pre-treatment.

First you need to select the seeds for germination, this is done simply with the help of water. Seeds that are not drowned are empty and should not be planted. To better grow crops and for additional immunity, you can soak the seed material in aloe juice. After that, seeds are sown to a depth of 1.5 cm at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, this is if the container is common. Further, the soil is watered, covered with a film. Approximately in 7-10 days all shoots at you should ascend, remove the film, follow the lighting, watering. Picks are carried out when 3-4 true leaves appear on the seedlings.


The room should be warm, if the temperature is below 17 degrees, the seedlings inhibit its growth.

The transfer to the greenhouse will be from the beginning of May, to the street in the third decade of the month or in June. The soil is prepared in advance and supports too. Planting should be made 50/50 cm. A high, solid support is immediately put in the hole. Tomatoes "Mikado" love the light, and therefore choose the sunniest part. If the summer was overcast, you will need lamps. At first, the soil is sprinkled with boiling water to kill the pathogenic medium, after which, when it is moderately dry, dig holes, sprinkle a spoonful of superphosphate. Seedlings are planted in wetted soil, gradually begin to tie them around the support. One week after planting, seedlings are spudding.

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As you grow, you will need to remove the lower branches, all stepchildren, in order to form one stem. Pasynki need to pluck when they reached 5 cm, do it either in the morning or in the evening. You will also have to pinch the main stem to restrict its growth. Fertilizers should be applied for the first time 10-14 days after planting, these should be high-nitrogen feeds to increase green mass, then such feedings should be canceled, replaced by complexes with phosphorus and potassium. You can spill saplings infusion on the mullein, litter, weeds, yeast. The first two are prepared at the rate of 1:10 and 1:20. The infusion on the weed is prepared in an arbitrary amount, while the yeast is taken 10 grams sachet per bucket of water.


The variety loves abundant watering, but rare, and does not tolerate weeds, so keep an eye on the cleanliness of the beds.

In the characteristic of tomato "Mikado pink" we have already mentioned that tomatoes are resistant to diseases. Therefore, they should not get sick, but you can carry out prevention a couple of times with a weak solution of manganese. Spraying is carried out in the morning or in the evening. Also remember that if you grow seedlings in a greenhouse, then it should be regularly ventilated.

All these actions will help you to get excellent and, most importantly, delicious tomatoes. You make sure they are worth it.

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Tomato Mikado pink characteristic and description of the varietyTomato Mikado pink characteristic and description of the variety

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