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Tomatoes in the purchased tomato juice, very tasty

Tomatoes in tomato juice

Using tomato juice for pouring tomatoes, you will significantly save time and effort. The only disadvantage of this method of preparation - the juice can be made from diluted tomato paste or flavored with various additives. Therefore, when choosing ready-made tomato juice, carefully study the composition and make sure that it is made from crushed tomatoes and there are no food additives in addition to salt and sugar. And then you get the most delicious snack for the winter.

Prepare tomatoes in purchased tomato juice in two ways: with the skin and peeled. The second option involves sterilization and will take a little longer. But he has much more advantages: the banks will be tightly filled, the tomatoes will not have to be cleaned later, and you can be sure that after sterilization the billet will be stored without problems. A recipe with a photo will help to easily repeat the process of marinating.


  • ripe fleshy tomatoes - 1.5 kg;
  • purchased tomato juice - 1 l;
  • salt and sugar - to taste (add, if the juice is natural).

How to cook tomatoes in tomato juice

Boil enough water to fill tomatoes. Tomatoes sort, stained or tainted put aside. Those that are intended for harvesting, put in a bowl or pan, pour boiling water for ten minutes. Then we change the water to a very cold one, we wait another five minutes.

tomatoes in boiling water

Cutting the skin, remove it and cut out the bright spot where the twig was attached.

peeled tomatoes

Put the tomatoes in a jar (pre-wash it and scald with boiling water). Cut very large tomatoes in half to fill the jar more closely.

tomatoes in a jar

Tomato juice poured into a saucepan. If the juice already has salt and sugar, boil it enough, if there is no salt and sugar, add to taste.

boil tomato juice

Give the juice to simmer for five minutes. Fill the jars with peeled tomatoes with boiling juice, completely covering them.

Juice the tomatoes

We will sterilize the jars in a deep wide saucepan, on the bottom of which we must put a thick cloth, a pot holder or a kitchen towel folded in two or three layers. We put the jars, cover the top with tin lids so that when boiling water droplets do not get inside.

we sterilize jars

Banks with a capacity of 700 ml. we will sterilize 15 minutes, liter 20-25, we count time from the beginning of boiling of water in a pan. We take out one by one, roll up the covers under the typewriter or screw up with threaded caps. We turn over, we cover with something warm and we allow to cool down gradually. Then we remove in storage until winter. Successful to you preparations!

harvesting tomatoes

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Tomatoes in tomato juiceTomatoes in tomato juice

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