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The secret to clean nails after garden work

the ground huddled under the nails

Work in the country brings a lot of pleasure. That's just to bring yourself after the "divine form" is very difficult. Hands and legs are most affected. The dust is literally clogged in every cell of the skin and then it is very difficult to remove it. But if you can wear socks, sneakers or sneakers on your feet, then it’s more difficult with your hands. We will tell you what to do to prevent dirt and soil from hiding under the nails.

Tested method

They say it can be easier - put on gloves and go ahead. But in fact, it is convenient to work with gloves only in units. And if we are talking about weeding small weeds, then it is generally impossible to do. But if you work with “bare” hands, then your nails look like “silent horror”.

The earth is clogged very deep. Even if you do then manicure "under the root" will not help. Why it is so difficult to remove dirt is not known. But by trial and error, a way was found to keep the nails tidy.

You just need to take a piece of soap, slightly wet it under water and scrub your nails well. As a result, under them forms a protective soap crust. After that, you can safely go to work on the ground.

What is surprising, even after working with water, for example, when watering or planting in moist soil, the effect still remains.

After that, it will just be good to wash them under warm water.


It is advisable to use laundry soap.

Other methods

But what if you forgot about this super-method and went to the garden unprepared? Do not panic, there are ways to wash your nails:

  • the first way is the same soap bar. It is necessary to scrape it with your nails and after 10-15 minutes, dip your fingers in a bowl of warm water. Dirt will limp and come out from under the nails;
  • The second method is also very effective. You need to wash some small things, such as socks or underwear by hand. This procedure perfectly cleans not only the nails, but also the cuticle and the skin around the fingers;
  • If the situation is very neglected, and the dirt enters the skin of the fingers, you can make a bath of potato broth. To do this, 2-3 medium potatoes wash well under water and boil in uniforms for 25 minutes. Drain broth, and when it becomes tolerable temperature, dip your fingers into it and keep it to cool completely.
potato broth

Well helps to clean the grime grime and earth glycerin. You must first wash your hands several times, then apply a thin layer of glycerin on them, and after 15-20 minutes, rinse again under a tap. If there is no glycerin, you can use regular baby cream.

It is just like that to keep a tidy look of your hands even to inveterate summer women. But remember, the more often you take care of them, the easier it will be to remove pollution.

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the ground huddled under the nailsthe ground huddled under the nails
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  1. Lamina

    You can also lather loofah for the body and begin to scrub her nails with active circular motions. Very effective


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