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Save the cabbage from the caterpillars!

how to get rid of the tracks

In order to obtain a rich harvest of cabbage in the fall, in addition to the mandatory maintenance work, it is necessary to protect plants from insect attacks. Voracious caterpillars bring the most harm to this culture. In just a few days, they are able to eat a head of cabbage. Fight with them are effective chemicals or proven folk remedies. With their help, they destroy adult butterflies, their egg clutches, and caterpillars feeding on cabbage leaves.

Causes of caterpillars

Devouring cabbage caterpillar leaves are part of the life cycle of moths and butterflies. Their larvae are very voracious. Before turning into an adult insect, they gnaw through the cabbage head, leaving behind them waste products. As a result, damaged sheets begin to rot, covered with fungal spores. Eating a spoiled product is no longer possible, since toxins accumulate on such cabbage.

Scoops and cabbages lay eggs on the back of the leaves at the bottom of the head. During the summer 3-4 generations of insects appear. The caterpillars of the whitefish have a green-yellow body color, and the larvae of the moths are colored brown-green. Cabbage brings the most damage to the second generation of caterpillars. They hatch in the middle of summer, when the heads of cabbages begin to grow in size.

You can detect the presence of pests by holes that appear on the cabbage leaves. Also talking about the possibility of infection butterflies flying above the beds. In this case, you must immediately begin to fight pests to save the crop.

On a note!

Adult butterflies find cabbage in flavor. Therefore, to protect the crop can be planted next to the beds strongly smelling plants. They will protect the cabbage from pests.

Chemical Treatment

The greatest effect in the fight against caterpillars and butterflies bring modern chemicals. They destroy insects in a short time. It is possible to use such means only at the initial stage of plant growth, so that by the time of harvest, there are no traces of chemicals on the plant.

The most effective are the following drugs:

  • Triflurex;
  • Butizan;
  • Splender;
  • Decis Extra.

All means apply only strictly according to the instructions. If it was not possible to destroy the insects from the first time, use another drug so as not to cause addiction. Processing is carried out no later than a month before harvesting. With later use, the plant does not have time to clear chemicals.

Spraying the working solution, you must protect your hands with rubber gloves, and a mask or respirator is put on your face. After finishing work, wash hands thoroughly with soap.

Biological preparations

Now in shops for summer residents and gardeners effective, but safe preparations for fight against insects are on sale. These funds affect only pests, infecting them with a fungal infection or microbes. As a result, insects die, and the plants do not receive harm. Such drugs are safe for humans and animals. Therefore, they can be used at any stage of plant growth.

Good effect gives the drug "Fitoverm." From it prepare a solution according to the instructions and spray the plants in the morning or in the evening in warm, dry weather. Penetrating into the body of the caterpillar, the drug has a paralyzing effect.The insect cannot move and eat, therefore it dies from hunger for three days.

Treatment of cabbage with Enterobacterin is no less effective. The powder is mixed with water. Then spray the plants with the working solution. When a caterpillar penetrates the body, the drug infects it with microbes that cause the death of an insect. It is effective to carry out the treatment with this agent in warm weather at a temperature of +18 to +30 degrees. For best results, a second spraying is carried out a week after the first application.

The drug "Bitoxibacillin" contains soil bacteria that cause starvation of the insect. It suppresses the feeling of hunger in caterpillars. The death of insects occurs in 3-5 days, the egg clutches die in a week. For the complete destruction of pests spend three treatments every other day. Then cabbage planting will be completely cleared of caterpillars within 14 days.

Means "Lepidocide" affects the nervous system of insects and leads to paralysis, while simultaneously infecting with bacteria. From its impact, the death of the caterpillars comes in a day from the inability to move and feed. For the complete destruction of the colony spend 2 treatments with a break between them in 7 days.

Folk remedies

If the caterpillars on the cabbage a bit, it is not necessary to use potent drugs. Good effect gives the use of safe folk remedies. They are also recommended as a means of preventing infection with shovels and cabbage.

To scare away butterflies and protect against caterpillars, cabbage is watered with a soap-and-ash solution. To prepare it, mixed in 10 liters of water 200 g of crushed soap and 200 g of wood ash. After this treatment, cabbages become slippery, so the caterpillars cannot fix on them. Adults of soap-ash solution frightens off the smell.


Instead of soap, you can take a shower gel or any liquid soap.

It repels butterflies and caterpillars onion peel extract. To prepare it, pour 1 liter of boiling water with 300 g of onion peel and leave it in a sealed container for 48 hours. After the concentrated medium is filtered and diluted with 2 liters of pure water. To increase the stickiness add 2 tbsp. l liquid soap. Means sprayed plants.

Sharp, unpleasant smell for insects has an infusion on tobacco. To prepare a solution, 50 g of tobacco chips should be poured with boiling water and left for a day. Then diluted with clean water in a ratio of 1: 2 and add a little laundry soap for better adhesion. The drug is treated cabbage planting and plants growing nearby.

To combat the tracks use a decoction of ground black pepper. In 1 liter of water, add 30 g of powder and boil for a quarter of an hour. It is then left to cool, and a little liquid soap is introduced into the broth before use. The finished product, like the previous ones, is used for spraying plants.

Valerian tincture

An effective remedy against butterflies and caterpillars can be quickly obtained from valerian tincture. The drug in the amount of 20 drops is simply diluted in 1 liter of cool water and sprayed cabbage. Strong aroma repels insects.


To combat insects on cabbage, you can use different methods. If there are few insects, folk methods work effectively.Potent chemicals or safe biological agents can be used to rescue heavily infected cabbage.

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how to get rid of the trackshow to get rid of the tracks

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