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Tomatoes grow on bread like crazy

tomato crackers

Many who are engaged in planting vegetables have already managed to acquire their own secrets for growing tasty and large tomatoes. Some use manure for these purposes, someone sprays fertilizer, and someone has their own unique method. However, not everybody has manure. Store food and fertilizers are expensive, and I don’t want to use chemistry in my garden. The people know the effective budget method - this is fertilizer with breadcrumbs. What is the use of simple bread for a tomato? Should I prepare such dressing for my tomatoes?

Useful properties of bread as fertilizer

The main property of crackers as a fertilizer is yeast. In addition, such a top dressing of bread contains proteins and minerals useful for plants. The main purpose of bread manure is to enrich the soil with yeast organisms. Over time, the number of fungi increases, and they sufficiently produce nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Benefits of breading

Properly made dressing of crackers has the following advantages:

  1. Accelerates plant growth. 3 days after planting, the beginning of the growth of seedlings.
  2. Increases the immunity of tomatoes. Vegetables are more resistant to diseases.
  3. Strengthens the root system.
  4. Makes tomatoes more resistant to temperature extremes.
  5. Increases the amount of harvest and the taste of tomatoes.

Application technology

Recipes for the preparation of top dressing from crackers do not contain accurate data on a certain amount of water and bread.

For cooking, you can use absolutely all collected crackers, gingerbread, cookies and other flour products.

Grain solution is harmless to plants in any concentration.


Absolutely any bread is suitable for feeding. It can be black, gray or white. Absolutely no matter if there is mold on it. You can use everything.

The action algorithm is as follows:

  1. All bread cut into cubes with a side of 1-3 cm.
  2. We take a large container (barrel, bucket, pan, basin) and pour the crackers into it.
  3. Add 1 cup of wood ash.
  4. Fill with warm clean water to the brim. Bread must be covered completely.
  5. Optionally, add a bunch of nettle and the same dandelion.
  6. We cover the container with a lid, and put the load on top. Crackers should not float.
  7. Leave for a week.
  8. Later on, when planting tomatoes, pour 0.5 liters of the composition into each well.

When preparing the solution, carefully select the place of preparation. It is necessary to take into account that the capacity should be infused for 7 days. During this time, a very unpleasant smell will stand out. Try to choose a place away from people and animals.

Yeast fungi destroy calcium, so wood ash or calcium gluconate must be added to the fertilizer.


Experienced gardeners give the following tips on making dressing from crackers:

  1. In addition to bread, sugar, jam or jam can be put into the solution. Sweetness will speed up the cooking process, and fertilizer will be ready faster.
  2. If nettle and dandelion are added to the starter, the fertilizer will become more “nutritious” and the tomatoes will grow like crazy.
  3. If there is no wood ash, then it can be replaced with calcium gluconate or bone meal.
  4. In the case when there is no time for fermentation, crackers can be used without prior preparation.To do this, in the hole you need to pour on a large handful of crackers and fall asleep a little ash. This method is less effective, but in any case, better than nothing.

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tomato crackerstomato crackers

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