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Tomato "Lush Queen", a description of the fruit and the bush

Here you will meet with such a variety today - this is the “Lush Queen” tomato and its description. A worthy representative of the family, which will force the neighbors to look at your beds. In addition, varieties that are not common, always plant interesting.

Description of the tomato "Lush Queen"

  • Variety refers to tomatoes with medium ripening.
  • It is more often grown in a greenhouse, but in the open field bushes can feel quite good.
  • Refers to semi-determinant species.
  • The height of the stem can reach one and a half meters, so you need support.
  • Requires pasynkovaniya and formation. The most good result shows when leaving 2-3 stems.
  • The fruits have a beautiful color, where on a red background there are orange-green stripes, like a queen's fluffy skirt.
  • Tomatoes can be of different sizes - from 100 grams to 300 or more, because they can be preserved both whole and sliced. Also, the fruits are suitable for making juices, pastes.
  • In the greenhouse, the indicators are always higher, that is, the fruit is larger, the bushes are higher.
  • Tomato shape is oval or round.
  • The bushes themselves do not look unusual, the leaves and branching are standard.
  • Fruits are valued for their unusual appearance, for their excellent taste and aroma.
  • The flesh is juicy and fleshy.
  • High-yielding tomato.

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Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato "Lush Queen" will not be complete, if not to mention briefly about farming. There will be no difficulties with it, all actions are pretty standard.

Growing "Lush Queen"

Sowing seeds carried out for 60 days before planting in open ground. This is best done in March, when there is a lot of sun, then the seedlings will not be drawn out. You will need a presowing treatment, after which you plant the seeds in separate pots or tablets, or in trays with nutritious primer. Next, moisten with a spray bottle. After you cover with a film.

Seedlings will grow during the week, then you shoot the film. Now it will be enough just to water the seedlings as they dry out, to pour in the soil, so that the seedlings will hold tight in their tanks. In the greenhouse planted seedlings after frost.

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Holes and supports must be prepared in advance. The soil should be fertilized or organic (mullein, compost), or complex fertilizer according to the instructions. You will need to remove the butchers, and to form the bushes, leave 1 or 2 in the upper sinuses. Top dressing is made 2-3 times per season. Greenhouses need to be regularly ventilated and weeds removed. One square meter is better not to plant more than three bushes, so that they can ripen evenly and not interfere with each other.

You can get such an unusual variety in the new season by planting seedlings in March. The fruits really grow unique.

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