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Tomato "Uralsky early": surprise ease and ease of care

It is difficult to call this information official and reliable, since the variety has not been entered into the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation. The true origin of the tomato variety is unknown.

The variety came to the market under the patronage of the company "Russian Garden" and the chip "Northern Vegetables". The company itself does not possess information about the variety; it cannot explain the origin either.

Grade Information

Since the variety has not been tested at variety testing stations under the supervision of breeders, the information can only be partially believed.


The variety is served as a determinant, short, standard. Those vegetable growers who have succumbed to the picture and grown, describe the plant as being up to 50 cm high with a small leaf plate.

The central shoot of the vegetative form is very resistant. The plant looks like a small tree. Fruits are formed by spreading tassels.

A variety of early ripening, subject to sowing seedlings in early March.

The fruits are round and flat-rounded in shape, not large, but not cherry. During the period of full biological maturity saturated red color. When the cut is clearly seen that the flesh is dark red.

The taste of tomatoes is good, some say even excellent. The flesh is tender, pleasant, sweet.

Tomatoes are a good size for getting into the neck of the sealing jar. However, there is no information on how exactly the variety behaves during heat treatment.

Having grown a crop and thinking about what to do with the surplus, you need to be prepared for the fact that tomatoes in the banks can crack, so it is better to try first on a small quantity.

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Disease and Pest Resistance

Considering the tomatoes "Ural Early" reviews on the subject of sustainability are not unambiguous.

Those vegetable growers who grew a tomato in greenhouses speak of the extreme resistance of the variety, but in the open ground the tomato bushes were first struck by the blight and it was not possible to get at least some crop.

Experienced vegetable growers do not rely on the mercy of nature and are well aware that there is not a single completely sustainable variety, therefore, preventive treatments are the basis for crop well-being.

For the "Ural Early" the most preferred treatment scheme will be the following:

  1. The first treatment after planting in open ground;
  2. The second in 15-20 days;
  3. Third again in 15-20 days
  4. Then every 10 days after harvest, with drugs with a short waiting time after treatments.

To get a quality crop you need:

  • Select disease-resistant varieties;
  • Carry out preventive treatments regardless of the variety;
  • The multiplicity of treatments to compare with weather conditions;
  • Do not use fungicidal drugs the same for many years;
  • During the season, carry out alternating treatments with drugs of different directions with different active principles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages, vegetable growers talk about:

  • early harvest;
  • ease of care;
  • unnecessary pasynkovaniya;
  • no need for supports;
  • unnecessary to tie shoots and inflorescences;
  • good taste.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages are also obvious and they have done their job.There is information that some vegetable growers contributed a variety of those that "I will never sow again."

The main reasons for such dissatisfaction with the Ural Early are the following:

  • low yield;
  • high susceptibility to diseases;
  • unprofitability of cultivation in greenhouses and hotbeds.

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Vegetation features

Vegetable growers of the southern regions can afford to sow the seeds of early tomatoes directly into the open ground. However, for farmers of the Urals this is not acceptable and the cultivation must begin with seedlings.

The seedling period of this variety does not differ from all the others. The seed is soaked, warmed and sown. Many gardeners practice the cultivation of low-growing tomatoes without a pinch and without individual containers, and they are absolutely right.

The seedlings of this variety will not take up much space on the window sills, it does not outgrow and does not need additional transshipment.

It is necessary to plant in the garden during the period when the threat of return frost is completely bypassed. Greenhouses can be planted before, but it does not make sense to occupy expensive space in this sort.

When choosing a landing site, consider the following conditions:

  • the plot should be the sunniest;
  • predecessor, you can choose any except bouillon;
  • soils to pick up light, air and permeable;
  • soil acidity should not be high.
Since the variety is stem, and its fruits are small, there is no threat of breakage of the shoots. The plant does not need supports and garters.

If the soil is fertile enough, the variety will not require any additional dressings. The removal of nutrients by the variety is not large, due to small-growing and not high yields.

Tomato "Uralsky early" reviews, yield and all available information is very ambiguous, so there is no need to sow a lot. Sowing a few seeds and growing bushes, you can understand whether you need such a tomato in the garden or better pick another.

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The Ural region is great, but breeders are trying to bring varieties that would satisfy the most demanding growers and they need to use.

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  1. Tonya

    Excellent variety, not the first year I plant, always happy. I don’t know in the cup but in flesh the thing is fleshy, sweetish.


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