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The secret of a bountiful harvest of tomatoes in a banana peel

banana peel

Many people are afraid to use non-standard (biological or home-made) fertilizers for tomatoes, preferring ready-made complexes of microelements and vitamins, often containing harmful chemical additives.

But a banana peel, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium with proper use and preparation can replace many ready-made feedings.

Beneficial features

Bananas contain a huge amount of useful microelements. Allocate the highest content of potassium, so necessary for the formation of high-grade fruits. Such substances as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, calcium, sodium are contained in lower dosages, but have a positive effect on seedlings. Because of the low content of substances, gardeners consider fertilizer doubtful, but in vain. 100% natural banana peel will not allow to overload the bushes and burn. Experienced farmers actively apply it to saturate tomatoes with healthy substances without fear.

The benefits of using banana peel

  • soil enrichment with useful microelements and vitamins;
  • root saturation;
  • increasing immunity and disease resistance;
  • protection from pests (aphids);
  • completely harmless to the site fertilizer;
  • with such an additive it is impossible to overdo and burn the bushes;
  • possibility to process into humus, compost and dry fertilizer.


  • attracts unwanted insects;
  • with the wrong location on the land plot can lead to the development of mold on the site;
  • unpleasant smell the first few days;
  • distrust of many gardeners to this method.

How to use banana peel for tomatoes

Options for the use of the peel in the cultivation of tomatoes at different stages set. But the following are considered the most popular.

In pure form

The easiest way to prepare fertilizers is to chop the banana bark and dig it into the ground before planting the seedlings. The peel begins to actively decompose the next day, saturating the soil with nutrients, and after 10 days it is completely dissolved in the soil. Even saplings with slow growth after such begin to produce the development of new leaves and inflorescences, and the number of fruits increases.

Peel when picking

When transplanting tomato seedlings from one container to another, as well as forming a root system, put a banana peel on the bottom of the new pot. It is advisable to rinse it under running water before use and chop it. In a ground state, the process of decay is activated many times faster, and the beneficial trace elements almost completely fall into the soil.

Peel for mature seedlings

It can be used in the form of infusions, sprays, dry. The easiest option - finely chop the peel and spread it near the stem. Infusions and sprays in the preparation of more complex, but you get the opportunity to enrich seedlings with vitamins, not only through the roots, but also through the leaves, are also actively perceiving top dressing.


If you decide to spray the infusion leaves of seedlings, then do it strictly early in the morning or late in the evening.Scorching sun can lead to the development of fungal infections and death of the fruit.

In the form of tinctures

Infusion can be prepared from dried skins, and from fresh.

Recipe number 1

It is necessary:

  • three banana peels;
  • 3 liters of water;
  • 3-liter jar.

How to cook:

Boil the water and leave to cool. Before pouring, the water temperature should be close to room temperature. Place the peel in a jar (chop or not, you decide), cover with water and leave to stand for several days. This infusion can be used both in pure form and diluted (1: 1 with water). Bring it under the root, replacing the usual watering with water.

Recipe number 2

It is necessary:

  • 4 dried banana peel;
  • 1 liter of water.

How to cook:

Banana peel cover it with slightly warm water. Infuse the resulting liquid for 2-3 days, and dissolve in equal proportions with water before use. It can be used as a spray, applied to the leaves, and as a fertilizer for the root system.

In the form of fertilizers

There is a recipe for fertilizer for long-term use. To do this, place the peel of bananas on the foil and spread on a baking sheet. Set the convection mode or the maximum temperature and wait until the peel is roasting. Leave it to cool, and then grind to a powder. Transfer to a can and weekly feed seedlings or formed bushes.


Grabs one spoon per well. Adding more may result in an excess of nitrogen or potassium.

The peel can be frozen and in the winter to delight tomatoes. Suitable for greenhouses and seed germination. Frozen skins after thawing can be used to prepare various recipes.

Banana Peel Mulching

Mulching with classical materials saves the beds not only from weeds, but also from pests. But among gardeners there are opponents of the use of mulch, allegedly due to non-ecological way and lack of oxygen. Therefore, we propose to independently produce mulch from banana peel. The material is more than eco-friendly, and the soil with seedlings is saturated with vitamins before the fruiting period.

To prepare you need to dry the skins (the way you choose the most suitable and easiest), and then grind in a blender. The resulting powder generously sprinkle the whole bed, not missing areas under the stems. To increase efficiency around the stems, lay out un crushed pelts.

Such a mulch will help cope with aphids. She often attacks tomatoes, but the smell of bananas can not stand and no longer disturb the seedlings. After banana mulch decay, it forms high-quality humus. With the help of the substrate you can prepare the soil after harvesting.

Compost recipe

Compost can be made from the rind. It is also suitable for fertilizing the beds and improves the general condition of the bushes. To make it you need:

  • dry or fresh banana peel;
  • land;
  • drink "Baikal".

Chop the rind, try to make it as small as possible. Cover with earth and pour over the drink. Compost will prepare the soil before autumn, and in the spring it will nourish the roots of tomatoes.


Any box or keg will be suitable as a container.

Bananas will help to attract useful butterflies, ladybugs and worms to the garden. Insects will accelerate the process of pollination, which will increase the yield. Between the beds make small elevations and spread out the skin of a banana. It is important not to attract harmful insects. Remove the bait from the beds with the onset of the evening.


Despite the seeming simplicity of the method, there are many nuances. For example, bananas before chopping should be washed under cool running water. So, you get rid of mold fungi and bacteria that are present on all bananas without exception.The washed peel fertilizer is stored longer than usual (if you choose the dry method of preparation), and the bad smell when rotting is less noticeable.

If you decide to enrich the skin with soil, then try to dig it as deep as possible. Otherwise, the rind instead of decomposition will begin to mold.

Pay attention to the appearance of tomatoes and if it has deteriorated or not changed after applying fertilizer from bananas, then try to feed the tomatoes with complex store fertilizers.


In this case, choose complexes with a low nitrogen content.

Do not be afraid to deviate from the generally accepted rules in terms of the choice of fertilizers. The more natural the composition, the more useful it is, not only for the emerging fruits, but also for man. Following all the recommendations for the preparation and preparation of various types of additives for roots, leaves and soil, you can improve the immunity of seedlings and get a rich harvest that will delight you until the end of winter.

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banana peelbanana peel

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