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Standard Tomatoes

Standard tomatoes are a fairly new type of vegetable, represented by low-growing plants. Their compact crown and root system make it possible to obtain a high yield from a small area due to disembarkation in open ground twice the number of bushes, compared with ordinary varieties. In addition, in order to realize the main characteristics of the group (high yields), it is not necessary to make significant efforts to growing tomatoes: they do not need to be staked and tied up.

Description and features of standard tomatoes

The group includes plants with a powerful, resistant trunk. They resemble a tree and do not require staving. The root system lies near the surface of the soil. Since the bushes do not curl, there is no need for additional supports. Even if they fall under the weight of fruits, this will not affect the harvest. The main advantages of the form:

  • the possibility of increasing the density of planting and cultivation even on the balconies;
  • excellent survival rate of seedlings in the beds;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • the rapid rate of formation of the ovary;
  • keeping quality and suitability for transportation.

Popular varieties, the choice of which must take into account zoning and ripening:

  1. "Antoshka" - mid-season representative of vegetable culture with yellow fruits, which are formed on the bushes meter height. Mass of tomatoes - up to 100 g. With 1 m2 you can collect about 9 kg.
  2. "Shuttle" - Another variety with medium ripening. The mass of fleshy fruit, not prone to cracking, averages 60 g. Average yield - 8-10 kg / m2.
  3. “Extreme North” is a high-yielding variety with fruits weighing 80 g. The yield, subject to the cultivation rules, can reach -17 kg / m2. Plants are resistant to late blight and root rot.
  4. "Happy Dwarf" - low-growing plants up to 50 cm in height start to produce early - 3 months after the emergence of shoots. The fruits have dense pulp, which makes them universal.
  5. "Bakhtemir" - late variety with bright red fruits of high quality. Round-shaped tomatoes with an average weight of 80 g are well stored and suitable for long-distance transportation.

Growing conditions

Agrotechnics of cultivation of standard tomatoes differs little from the activities carried out during the cultivation of common species. Grow stunted plants through seedlings. Seeds are sown in a light, loose soil, spreading over the surface and slightly pressing. In order for the seedlings to be healthy, the substrate is necessarily calcined in the oven, and the seeds are kept for about 15 minutes in a solution of manganese.

Nuances of planting in open ground

Garden beds are prepared in well-lit areas with fertile soil. Preparatory work is carried out in the autumn, when compost is introduced under digging, previously removing the roots of the precursors. Seedlings are planted after the threat of recurrent frosts has passed, and the soil warms up well. In regions with a harsh climate of planting covered with foil.


The planting scheme for standard tomatoes is 25 cm between bushes and 60 cm between rows.

Tomato care

Stunted plants with powerful stems are quite unpretentious:

  1. Watering - moisturize the soil after the upper ground ball dries out, since the root system is superficial and cannot extract water from the meter-high soil layer, where moisture reserves last longer.The water procedure is carried out under the root so that the drops do not fall on the shoots and fruits.
  2. Tillage - the soil is systematically loosened and cleaned of weeds, ensuring normal nutrition and breathing of tomatoes. Garden tools are used carefully so as not to injure the roots located near the surface. To reduce the time for these procedures, tree trunks are mulched using sawdust or peat.
  3. Top dressing is carried out only if the ground is very poor. Excess nitrogen can stimulate the growth of green mass to the detriment of the ovary and ripening of fruits.
  4. Formation of the bush - stepson standard grades rarely, since they are not prone to the formation of lateral shoots. As a rule, the procedure is carried out only in the northern regions in order to provide light access to the fruits slowly ripening in cool climates.
  5. Protection against diseases and pests - as a preventive measure, they are treated with a tank mixture of a fungicide and an insecticide. Do this only in the morning in calm weather according to the instructions for the use of drugs.

Standard varieties give a good harvest with minimal care. In the conditions of lack of time for additional tying, preparation of the support is the most suitable type of tomatoes with excellent taste and quality.

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Standard TomatoesStandard Tomatoes

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