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Uzbek salad of tomatoes and onions to the pilaf

Uzbek salad with tomatoes

It is impossible to imagine Uzbek cuisine without a pilaf, and its fame spread throughout the world. It is prepared in various countries and try to repeat the original recipe. Basically, rice is cooked from rice and meat. In Uzbekistan, it is lamb or beef. In Russia and other Slavic countries prefer pork. But whatever meat would be used in the process of cooking pilaf, the dish always turns out to be tasty, fragrant and nutritious. Due to the meat you can eat a hearty meal and be full of energy all day long.

If you have been to feasts in Uzbekistan, you could see that a light and simple salad is always served to the pilaf. No matter how much Uzbek plov would receive praise, in his homeland this dish is not represented without this vegetable salad. Today we will prepare the most elementary, delicious and always fresh “Uzbek salad of tomatoes and onions for a pilaf”. It will complement the pilaf, without interrupting the taste of the main course.

Vegetables and meat are the best combination, so when you cook pilaf, be sure to supplement it with a salad of fresh vegetables. For its preparation we need fresh tomatoes, onions and greens. From seasonings, take only salt and black pepper. It is allowed to make the dish spicy with chili pepper. Put it at will. Cooking such a salad is best when the pilaf is already cooked and infused under the lid. With the help of a step-by-step recipe with a photo at this time, you will quickly cut the salad and serve it along with pilau to the table.


  • red tomatoes - 250 grams;
  • onions - 150 grams;
  • salt, black pepper - to taste,
  • greens - to taste.

salad ingredients

How to cook Uzbek salad for the pilaf

Peel the onion and chop into thin half-rings.

cut the onion in half rings

Fold the onions in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Stir and immediately drain the water, immediately wash the onion with ice water and fold to a sieve so that all the water is gone. By this procedure, we deprived the onions of bitterness, but it retained its crisp taste.

boiled onions

Juicy and tasty tomatoes cut into half-rings-plates. It is important to choose sweet and ripe tomatoes to make the salad juicy and tasty.

we cut tomatoes into plates

Send chopped tomatoes, onions and chopped greens to a bowl. You can use parsley, dill, cilantro or basil, your choice and taste. Now it's time to salt and pepper the salad. Use spices to taste.

mix vegetables with herbs

Salad immediately served to the table, it looks very tempting and always decorates the table with its appearance. Fresh and fragrant Uzbek salad is ready for the pilaf. Have a good mood and bon appetit for you and your family!

ready salad of tomatoes and onions

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Uzbek salad with tomatoesUzbek salad with tomatoes
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  1. Feodory

    The salad is called Achichuk or Shakarob, onion tomatoes salt and red hot peppers and ALL.
    You have red pepper in the text, black ground in ingredients, and boiled water over onions ... This, too, will probably turn out to be some kind of salad, but not Uzbek salad to the word.


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