Tomato catalog

Each gardener annually grows his favorite varieties in the garden, but the wise gardener is constantly on the lookout.

Every day there are more and more varieties and hybrids of tomatoes. It is necessary to monitor the selection of new products annually and constantly updated catalog of tomatoes will help to cope with this task.

The catalog will help to pick up hybrids and varietiesand also to understand what the difference is and to whom to give preference, pursuing this or that goal.

Classification basics

To work with the catalog quickly and productively it is necessary to understand what kind of tomatoes are. Classification of types of groups and varieties is carried out according to the following principle:

  • Indeterminate - such tomatoes have not limited growth. Since this culture is a multi-year one, when creating optimal conditions for it, it can grow until such time as someone or something doesn’t pinch a growth point.

According to reviews of vegetable growers, this type of tomato is the most fruitful, and its fruits are the most delicious;

  • Determinant - low-growing, short varieties and hybrids, which complete their growth with inflorescences, and they form 5-6. The height of this form is from 40-150 cm. The photo of such plants clearly demonstrates compactness.
  • Semi-determinant - The height of this form can be within 2 m, and having laid 9-12 inflorescences on the main shoot, they “mast” themselves.
  • Superderminant - very low-growing plants, as a rule, not higher than 50 cm, having the form of a bush. Form 2-3 brushes on the shoot.
  • Standard - a kind of determinant. The method of formation makes of the bush "tree" on the trunk (leg). Not high, productive, convenient in service.

  • Salad - these tomatoes are usually large and very large sizes, with excellent taste.
  • For processing on tomato products - varieties of such tomatoes were bred by a special order of production workers. Tomatoes are high in dry matter, dense and transportable.
  • For canning - the main condition for this group of tomatoes is not cracking under the action of high temperatures. When preserved, they perfectly keep their shape and integrity;
  • Universal destination - these tomatoes can be used both for salad and for processing or canning.

Photos and descriptions of the varieties that accompany the heading, as well as reviews of those who have already grown, will help to fully determine the choice and get a great harvest of tasty vegetables.

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