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How to feed the tomatoes for the sweetness of the fruit

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Sometimes the crop of tomatoes is, though abundant, but completely tasteless. Growing the same variety in different years, tomatoes can be fresh or tasty. What to feed the tomatoes for the sweetness of the fruit?

Sweet Tomato Varieties

Sweet Tomato VarietiesThe sweet taste of ripe tomatoes is very dependent on the variety. Some varieties of tomatoes are predisposed to sugar content, others - not. Sweet varieties include:

  • Bull heart;
  • Pink salad;
  • Black Prince;
  • Bear Paw;
  • Pink honey;
  • Astronaut Volkov:
  • Persimmon, etc.

With proper care listed varieties have all chances to grow tasty and sweet.

Basic rules for growing delicious tomatoes

There are several secrets of growing a sweet harvest, and they are all simple:

  • the abundance of light in growing seedlings and garden beds;
  • sufficient space between the bushes in the garden;
  • protection of the beds from wind and draft;
  • reasonable use of dressings;
  • infrequent but abundant watering;
  • timely pasynkovanie;
  • calculating the time of planting so that the tomatoes have time to ripen on the bush.

Daily watering leads to wateriness of tomatoes, therefore, the taste will be less saturated and sweet.

Feed for sweets

dressing ash for sweetsPotassium and phosphorus are necessary for fruit development. To avoid nutrient deficiencies, use complex feedings. It is also permissible to use traditional recipes:

  • boric acid: 1 tbsp. spoon powder in 10 liters of warm water, use for spraying;
  • potassium permanganate: Dissolve 2-3 g of powder in 10 l of water, use for irrigation at the flowering stage;
  • iodine: add 2-3 drops to a bucket of water, use for watering 1 time per week throughout the season;
  • wood ash: dissolve 1 cup in 10 liters of warm water, pour 0.5 liters under the root when the fruits begin to redden;
  • urea: 1 tbsp. Spoon diluted in a bucket of water, use for foliar processing.

The quickest way to deliver nutrients to the bush is spraying.

Secrets of gardeners

Experienced gardeners recommend planting several rows of basil in a greenhouse with tomatoes. In this case, the bushes grow better, and the fruits are poured more juicy and sweet. Positive reviews can also be heard about spices such as bergamot and parsley.

If there is a sea nearby, it is recommended to water the plantings with diluted sea water - this makes them unusually tasty.

You should not grow cucumbers and tomatoes under the same roof. These cultures need a different microclimate.

It is noticed that in the years when thunderstorms often occur in summer, tomatoes grow especially tasty. It is believed that the reason for the ionization of air.


The main secret of tasty fruits is to let the tomatoes ripen on the bush.


Varieties genetically located to the sugar content, it is easy to grow sweet. It is required to comply with certain conditions during planting (such as light, neighborhood, etc.) and competently fertilize the bushes. Then in the fall all efforts will be rewarded with a tasty and sweet harvest.

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child eats tomatochild eats tomato

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