Pests and diseases of tomatoes description with photographs and methods of treatment 31.07.2018

There were silver spots on the leaves of a tomato, from what?

silvery spots on the leaves of tomatoes

Sooner or later, the gardener will be faced with various diseases of vegetable crops. If the leaves of tomatoes began to appear spots of different sizes and colors, this is a signal that the plant is sick and needs help. Pests and diseases can quickly destroy all the seedlings and leave you without a crop.

Silvery spots on the leaves of tomatoes - should I panic?


If silver spots began to appear on the plants, then there is no need to worry about it. Such a discoloration of the leaves is not considered dangerous. This happens for the following reasons:

  • individual feature of plant development;
  • sharp temperature drop;
  • poor seed treatment.


Silvery spots are not a pathology and a serious disease. However, if you want to avoid this phenomenon in the future, you need:

  • when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, air and close greenhouses in time;
  • carefully select seeds for seedlings and purchase them only from trusted vendors;
  • use anti-stress drugs: Zircon, Seedlings, etc.

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