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Tomato juice for the winter at home through the meat grinder

tomato juice

This recipe for tomato juice will be especially relevant for summer residents. There is not always a blender or food processor at the dacha, but an ordinary mechanical meat grinder will certainly be found - so she will help out when you need to recycle a crop of tomatoes.

It is not necessary to have a special nozzle that collects cake and seeds - if there is no such device, just scroll through the meat grinder and then rub through a sieve. Of course, it will take more time, but if you want to make delicious tomato juice for the winter at home without pieces of flesh, seeds and peels, you have to work hard. A faster option is not to wipe the juice, but immediately boil it and pour it over the cans. In this form, it is suitable for filling the first courses, vegetable stew, roast, will be the basis for sauces and gravies.


  • ripe tomatoes - 2 kg.,
  • salt coarse - 1 tbsp. l

The process of making tomato juice at home

To remove the skin from the tomatoes does not make sense - that we will not speed up the cooking process at all, but will only waste time. We wash the tomatoes and cut them in slices, removing the yellow spot where the twig was attached.

slice tomatoes

Portions put tomato slices in the mincing bell. If there is a device for removing the cake, first fasten it to the meat grinder, then grind the tomatoes. The cake will turn out juicy, scroll a couple more times to leave almost dry.

scroll through a meat grinder

Pour the ready juice into a saucepan and set on a small fire. Watch out so as not to run away when it boils.

put the juice on fire

Zakipev, the juice starts to rise, a dense cap of foam is formed from above. Stir. Cook for five minutes.

to boil

After five minutes, we collect the remaining foam with a spoon and continue to boil the juice with a weak boil for another five minutes.

remove the foam

When the juice boils down a little, add salt. Salt tomato juice moderately, it can always be salted before use. Give again to boil.

add salt

Prepare in advance the capacity for juice. We take banks of a suitable volume (they usually roll up the juice in one-liter or three-liter jars). Carefully wash the glass inside and out, wash the neck with a dense sponge. Put the lid on the boil for five minutes. By the time the juice is cooked, the dishes for it should be ready. Pour boiling juice over the banks, screw caps.

pour on banks

Cover with something warm or wrap a blanket and leave the jars with tomato juice for a day. Then we remove for storage in a cool basement or put in the closet. Successful to you preparations!

ready juice

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tomato juicetomato juice

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