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Seedlings tomato without land

seedlings without land

Many gardeners prefer to grow tomato seedlings on their own. Most often this is done on the windowsill. The disadvantage of this method in a small window sill, so many plants can not be placed there. In recent years, the cultivation of tomato seedlings in snails or in diapers has been very popular. With the help of a simple design it is possible to place many plants in a small area.

Advantages of the method

When using the "snail" seeds for germination are placed in a small amount of fertile soil between several layers of flexible material. If you wish, you can do without the earth, replacing it with toilet paper. In this case, the method of cultivation is called "in a diaper."

sprouts in a snail

The advantages of this method of germination of seeds:

  1. Saving space. In a small area you can put a lot of seeds. There is no need to dive them in separate tanks. In the "snail" seedlings develops well before the transplant to a permanent place.
  2. Since the distance between individual seedlings is sufficient, all parts of the plant develop fully.
  3. There is no tendency to extrude, since all instances are equally illuminated. At the same time to change the position of the seedlings simply turn the "snail".
  4. It is easy to dive or replant plants, simply unwrapping the bundle.
  5. After washing the substrate, it can be reused.

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Seed preparation

Before planting, seed material is sorted, discarding damaged and stuck specimens. For the rejection of empty seeds soaked for 3 hours in salted water. All sunflower seeds that pop up are thrown out, they are empty and will not germinate.

Then, to improve germination, seeds are soaked for 12 hours in a nutrient solution. For this, growth stimulants are used, diluting them according to the instructions in tepid water.


You can do when sowing without soaking. In this case, nutrients are added to the soil or to water for irrigation.

If tomatoes are grown in cold climates, it is recommended to temper them before sowing. To do this, the seeds are soaked in the evening, and in the morning they are taken out in the cold for 4 hours or placed in the refrigerator for the same time. Then the procedure is repeated again.

sprouts in a snail

Sowing in the "snail"

For the manufacture of the snail will need the following materials:

  • laminate substrate;
  • fertile soil;
  • toilet paper;
  • wide capacity;
  • polyethylene bag;
  • underwear gum.

A laminate substrate is laid out on a desktop and a strip not more than 15 cm wide is cut from it. The length of the strip can be any and depends on the number of seeds. On the edge of the resulting tape poured a bit of fertile land and level it with a thin layer.

The soil is sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle and lightly crushed. Stepping back from the top edge of 2 cm, they begin to lay out the prepared seed material, making an interval of 2-3 cm between individual seeds. While the tape is filled, fill the soil and continue to work.

After filling the entire surface of the tape, it is rolled up. Tightly do not need to, so that the air can easily penetrate between the layers of the cochlea.To collapse the structure does not fall apart, it is tightened with twine or rubber band. For small snails fit gum for money.

In a wide container set the resulting structure. You can fill up on top of the ground if part of it spilled out when wrapped. Warm water is poured into the basin. Also irrigate the landing on top of the cochlea, sprinkling out of the spray. On top of the cochlea, a polyethylene bag is applied as a greenhouse.


Capacity with a snail put on a well-lit window sill in a warm room. Sometimes the package is removed to ventilate the plants.

Care for such seedlings is watering 1 time in 4 days. Too much wetting of the soil is not necessary. Otherwise develop dangerous diseases. It is better to water not through the pallet, but by spraying on top. At the stage of growing seedlings such tomatoes do not need feeding.

Sowing seeds in diapers

If there is no desire to tinker with the soil, it is replaced with toilet paper. In this case, the landing process is very similar to the previous method. As the material for wrapping using all the same laminate substrate. It is placed on the toilet paper soaked in warm water.

1.5 cm fall away from the top edge of the paper and spread out the seeds, making an interval of 3-4 cm between them. On top of the spread out seeds they put another layer of toilet paper and moisten it abundantly with water from a spray bottle.

The prepared structure is rolled up, fixed with rubber bands and placed in a container with warm water. Landing capacity is installed on a warm illuminated window sill, covered with a plastic bag.

When the first leaflets hatch, the seedlings are fertilized by adding dressing to the water, which is poured into the pan.

When the seedlings grow up, it dives in separate containers. There is no need to separate the plants from the toilet paper. They simply unfold the construction gradually and cut off a piece of toilet paper with the plant with scissors. As such, it is placed in a container with fertile soil. Toilet paper gradually dissolves and does not interfere with plant development.

Transplanting seedlings from snails

When growing tomato seedlings in snails or diapers, there is no need to dive down the plants. They do not interfere with each other, get enough light and nutrients. Therefore, they develop well in one place and without an intermediate transplant.

A transplant to a permanent bed is done in May, when the warm weather is finally established. Before transplanting plants must be quenched. To do this, several of them are put out on the street for several hours, gradually increasing the time spent in the open air.


The transplant is performed in the morning or in the evening so that the direct rays do not touch the plants.

When planting a snail gradually expand and remove the plants one by one. They are placed in pre-prepared wells at a distance of 50 cm from each other. The interval between the rows make 70 cm. Plants fall asleep fertile soil and abundantly watered. It is advisable to cover the plants after planting, creating a shadow for them.

sprouts in a snail

Common mistakes

The main problem with growing in this way is to slide the ground down. In this case, the snail is twisted too loosely. To solve the problem, it is necessary to unwind, level the ground and wrap it again, more tightly.

Sometimes when planting in a diaper, the seeds do not sprout. This happens because of too much swelling of toilet paper. The design needs to be unrolled and replaced paper, having sown seeds repeatedly. Subsequently, a little less water is poured into the pan, additionally sprayed the structure from above with a spray bottle.

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Sprouting seeds in snails saves space on the windowsill and does not require much time. It is especially suitable gardeners who do not have much time to care for the seedlings. If you properly care for such plants, you can get strong and healthy plants that in the future will give a good harvest.

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seedlings without landseedlings without land

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