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Tomato juice for the winter with pulp

tomato juice with pulp

Tasty tomato juice for the winter with the pulp at home is not difficult to prepare, the recipe is simple and affordable. Vegetable juice is not only tasty, it is also useful, especially homemade. In childhood we mixed tomato juice with sour cream and salt - very tasty and nutritious! Such blanks can be used for making sauces and gravy.

It takes 30 minutes to prepare. From the ingredients listed in the recipe, get 2 liters.


  • tomatoes 3 kg;
  • table salt - 35 g;
  • granulated sugar to taste.

How to make tomato juice with pulp

Ripe, overripe, wash red tomatoes, cut into pieces, remove the stem with the seal. Put the sliced ​​tomatoes in the bowl of a food processor. You can use substandard vegetables for juice - crushed, crushed, but without signs of rot and spoilage.

cut tomatoes

Crush tomatoes until smooth mashed potatoes. Instead of a food processor, you can take an ordinary meat grinder or grind tomatoes with a dipping blender.

chop tomatoes in mashed potatoes

Tomato mass is poured into a saucepan, put on the stove. At this stage, tomato puree is lush, saturated with air bubbles. It always happens if you grind tomatoes with a combine. Let it not frighten you, further "pomp" will disappear.

So, heat the tomato puree to a boil, boil for 10 minutes.

cook mashed potatoes

Strain the juice through a sieve - the seeds and peel will remain on the sieve.

grind through a sieve

In the filtered drink, add salt and sugar to taste. If tomatoes are sweet, do not add sugar at all. Again bring to a boil, boil for another 5 minutes.


Purely washed cans are sterilized over steam or oven dried. Covers boil.

prepare the container

Spill boiling drink in cans. Close the cans with lids. Sterilize containers with a capacity of 0.5 l - 12 minutes, 1 l - 18 minutes.

Tightly close, turn upside down. After cooling, remove the storage in a cool, dark pantry. Storage temperature not higher than 18 degrees Celsius.

to spill

By the way, adding salt and sugar during harvesting is not necessary. You can roll up a clean product, without additives, and salt and add sugar to your liking before serving.

ready tomato juice for the winter

Enjoy your meal.

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tomato juice with pulptomato juice with pulp

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