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Tomato juice for the winter, as a dressing for borscht

tomato juice for the winter

Tomato juice is associated as a drink, but the real housewives know that it can be used for various culinary dishes. I propose a recipe for tomato juice with pulp, for filling borscht and preparing a tomato in its own juice.


  • tomatoes;
  • salt - 1 tsp. per liter;
  • water - 100 grams.

How to cook tomato juice as a dressing for borscht

Mature, juicy or overripe tomatoes are best for this recipe.

tomatoes for juice

Cut the tomatoes into a saucepan into small pieces and set on fire for cooking. Pour water to the bottom of the pan, this will not allow the tomatoes to burn in the boiling process.

cut tomatoes

Cook the tomatoes until softened for 20-30 minutes. Then turn off the gas and give the resulting mass to cool completely.

ready weight of tomato

Then manually through a colander, wipe the mixture so that at the bottom of the colander there is only one skin.

fray through a sieve

Pour juice with pulp into saucepan, add salt (with calculation, one teaspoon per liter of product) and boil for 2-3 minutes.

boil the juice again

Then pour tomato juice into clean sterile jars and spin. Turn the lids up and let cool. Banks are recommended to be stored in a cool place.

tomato juice for the winter

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tomato juice for the wintertomato juice for the winter

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