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Zelenka as fertilizer and protection

tomato processing

Grown on an environmentally friendly garden bed tomatoes, without chemicals - this is a joy for every gardener. Diamond green, despite the name, is the most economical means.

And what is important - a safe and proven drug. In the beds it is used as a fertilizer, as well as for protection against various diseases. Spraying must be done in advance, while the plants are still healthy.

Properties of greens

Brilliant green, popularly Zelenka is a fast-acting antiseptic. Potent antibacterial and antifungal agent. It also has antimicrobial properties, has a fungicidal effect. The presence of copper compounds in solution, makes it a universal remedy for the nightshade. After all, tomatoes need this chemical element.

Active substances benefits

Such a familiar and affordable Zelenka, a great helper for gardeners. Vegetables, if not processed in time, begin to hurt. And, of course, I want to get an environmentally friendly crop from my garden. In this case, the diamond liquid is best suited.


  • ethyl alcohol - 99-%;
  • brilliant green solution - 1%.

Of course, the drug will not be a panacea for all diseases, but using the recommendations given above, you can avoid some problems when growing tomatoes. Financial costs, however, will be minimal.

What is used

To get a harvest and protect the plant from diseases, carry out processing. Disinfection, prevention of infection by pathogenic organisms of a healthy vegetable are the main tasks of tomato processing. Prevention is the main goal. It is necessary to carry out the spraying procedure not when the plant is already sick, but in advance, starting from the moment of the sprouted seedlings. If everything is done on time, get the desired effect.

Zelenka neutralizes such bacteria and microorganisms as:

  • putrefactive bacteria;
  • yeast fungus;
  • scab disputes.

Treats such diseases in plants:

  • late blight;
  • copperhead;
  • powdery mildew;
  • olive blotch;
  • bacterial vegetable cancer.

The drug has proven its effectiveness in the fight against root types of rot that affect tomatoes. For the prevention of slugs and other earthworms, it is also desirable to water the tomatoes with a weak solution of brilliant green.

Methods of use for growing tomatoes

Wounds and fractures in the bushes of tomatoes heal, and the plant does not deteriorate if lubricated with brilliant green. Damage to plants on the stem must be treated in the same way as a human wound. Before uncoupling the vial with a green solution, it is better to wear gloves, otherwise your hands will certainly be stained, no matter how carefully you try.


The stomata of the plants are located on the lower side of the leaf; during spraying, the solution should fall into that part. Thus, the necessary substances are distributed throughout the stem.


The procedure should be carried out in the evening, when the sun is already setting, or in the morning - until the heat comes. You also need to check the weather forecast to not expect rain. Otherwise, the water will wash away all the “work done” from the leaves. And spraying will have to repeat.Wind is also not desirable. When spraying during windy weather, the solution does not settle on the bushes of tomatoes.


Phytophthora fungus is not afraid of winter and can remain in the ground until next year. To insure, you can use the solution to disinfect the soil, where the tomatoes grew or where they are planted for the next season. In the autumn, after harvesting, the ground should be shed with this mixture: 50 ml of brilliant green diluted in a bucket of water.

Top dressing

Make feeding on any soil. And in greenhouses and open beds. The magical diamond liquid saturates the earth with potassium, copper and fluorine. It helps to improve the livelihoods and yield of tomatoes. It is worth paying attention to the dressing of soils with increased moisture. Tomatoes do not tolerate stagnant water in the soil.

Proven recipes

Phytophthora is a terrible enemy of tomatoes. Even young seedlings can get sick. It appears as dark brown spots on the leaves and stem. For the season tomatoes are sprayed with the solution several times. Also, you can periodically water the soil. Do it better in the evening or in the morning.

Spraying stages:

  1. When the size of the seedlings reaches 10 cm.
  2. After transplantation in open ground.
  3. When the ovary of flowers appears (the beginning of flowering)
  4. Two weeks after transplantation, spraying is repeated until the fruit ripens.

To prepare the solution, the water needs to be slightly warmed up to 40 degrees so that all the components are dissolved. Pills crushed into powder and first diluted in a small amount of water, then combine with the other ingredients.

Recipe number 1

  • water - 10 liters;
  • Zelenka - 45 drops.

Recipe number 2

  • a glass of milk;
  • bottle of green;
  • one bucket of water.

Recipe number 3

  • 10 liters of water;
  • 20 ml of green stuff;
  • 10 tablets of trichopolum.

Recipe number 4

  • 2 liters of water;
  • 2 liters of serum;
  • 20 drops of green stuff.

For the best “sticking” effect of any solution to the leaves of tomatoes, one of the following components can be added to all the mixtures:

  • 0.5 cup of sugar;
  • ¼ bar of soap (rubbed);
  • 5 tbsp. spoons of liquid soap.

Mistakes when using brilliant green

The disease is better to prevent than to treat. Therefore, by practicing several recipes, regularly using and alternating them in the processing of tomatoes, you can avoid unpleasant consequences.

Spray Errors

A high concentration of brilliant green in water instead of benefit can damage tomatoes and cause burn wounds on the leaves of plants. Especially, it concerns young seedlings.

Also, the amount of fluid left in the crop may cause a burn if there is too much of it on the foliage after processing. Spraying should be like a haze - with a very fine dispersion. For this, it is better to use special sprayers.

Watering errors

Dry soil, poured with a concentrated solution, will become disastrous and the plants will begin to shrink. If this happens, it is worth watering the ground thoroughly, adding moisture to the soil.

If the leaves have already turned yellow and spun, they need to be removed.

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tomato processingtomato processing

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