Pests and diseases of tomatoes description with photographs and methods of treatment

Tomato plant is a living organism with its complex biochemical processes. The immunity of this organism depends on many factors, and, like all living things, it is subject to the influence of pathogenic microbes and attack. pests.

Understand the diagnosis and treatment methods will help this rubric. Tomato Diseases, their photos, description, treatment methods are set out taking into account the climatic zones and varietal predisposition, I will help to quickly localize and prevent their further distribution.

Fungal diseases

The heading presents diseases of tomatoes that occur due to microscopic fungi. These diseases are those that sometimes take away 80% of the total crop.

Learning to recognize diseases even when only spots appeared, but it is still possible to prevent the complete “burning” of all plants, or when leaves curled, but only the most frail, quite difficult. For this, knowledge and experience are needed, and the rubric, spreading out on the shelves, will give them in such a way that even a novice vegetable grower can easily identify the causative agent and take action.

Bacterial diseases

Vegetable growers sometimes watch with despair rotting fruit. When effort, labor, time, and material means take the disease, disappointment ensues. That is why, using the rubric about diseases and methods of treatment, you can easily find the right meansto stop the work of bacterial microflora.

Non-contagious diseases

Sometimes cracking fruit, even for no apparent reason. Understand the processes occurring in the cells and tissues, and to understand the basics of what is happening will also help heading.

When on a tomato bush yellow leavesguilty, can be not only pathogens. Perhaps a set of conditions that were created with a certain humidity, temperature, light is the cause and you can also help a plant with the help of a rubric.


Parasites are not asleep. How to see their actions even before the moment when they have already brought significant damage to tomato plantation? How to carry out preventive treatment, and in what period of the growing season so that the pests are destroyed, and the tomatoes are not dangerous to use, the rubric will tell.

With its help, you can pick up drugs, doses and multiplicity of treatments in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and the vegetation phase of the tomato plant.

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