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The use of ammonia water in the garden


Aqueous solution of ammonia is a universal remedy that is used in the garden. Thanks to him, you can provide plants with essential nutrients, get rid of pests. But you need to know the rules of fertilizer application.

The benefits of ammonia water for plants

Not so long ago, ammonia water (caustic ammonium, ammonium hydroxide) was more than 1/3 of all nitrogenous fertilizers that were used in the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation. On the world stage of using this type of fertilizer, the United States has taken the leading positions. Here the introduction of an aqueous solution of ammonia is mechanized, so it is popular.

ammiachnaja voda

Modern gardeners also resort to using this dressing. This is due to the fact that ammonia water has the following useful properties:

  • universality - suitable for any crop and all types of soil;
  • ease of use - fertilizer in liquid form is much easier to use compared with substances in the form of granules or powder;
  • efficiency - ammonium hydroxide added to the soil along with nitrogen, is stored in the plant during the entire flowering period. Due to this, in spring the green mass begins to grow, and in the summer protein is synthesized in fruits;
  • reasonable price in comparison with other fertilizers. This is due to lower costs for the production of liquid feeding.

Before applying the fertilizer, make sure that it is properly transported and stored.

Ammonia water also allows you to effectively deal with pests. In particular, with its help you can get rid of the bear, the covert wireworm and other parasites that feed on plant roots.

The recipes of cooking are as follows:

  • as a medication for prevention from a medvedka will serve a solution for which you need to dissolve 10 ml of caustic ammonium in a bucket of water (10 l). Pour the mixture of 500 ml into each hole when planting cabbage;
  • concentration of the solution of 5 ml per 10 l of liquid will allow to get rid of carrot and onion flies;
  • Watering the aisle, having previously diluted with 25 ml of ammonia water in a bucket of liquid, will help to exterminate the shelter on the beds of onion beds;
  • You can protect the potatoes from the wireworm, if planting a vegetable in each well add 500 ml of solution. To prepare it, you will need to dissolve 10 ml of the substance in 10 liters of liquid.

Thanks to these properties, ammonia water and is popular with owners of garden plots.

Preparation and application of top dressing

Ammonium hydroxide is useful for plants, but it must be properly prepared. In 10 liters of liquid dilute 1-5 tbsp. 10% ammonia. Changing the proportions is not worth it, because if there is more substance, you can burn the root system of plants. If it is less, then the use of fertilizer will be ineffective.

For different plants there are certain norms for the application of top dressing.


How to use ammonia water

Strawberry Water three times. 1 time before the growing season, 2 - after the growing season, 3 - after harvesting. Such care will provide nourishment to the plant, and will protect against weevil.
Onion and garlic Top dressing is necessary 1 time in 10 day. For every 10 sq.m. need 60-70 g
Fruit bushes and trees Water in the event of wilting
Tilled crops 400-500 g per 100 sq.m
Cucumbers and tomatoes Before planting vegetable crops add 500-600 g of substance per 100 sq. M

Before using fertilizer, it is important to remember that the solution is ready for use, so you should not dilute it beforehand.

If you follow these recommendations, the plants will be strong, healthy, and the harvest will be rich.

rastvor nashatyrja

Precautionary measures

An aqueous solution of ammonia belongs to the 4th class of danger, therefore it is practically not dangerous for humans. But you should still follow certain safety rules.

  1. Use a respiratory mask;
  2. Clothing should be cotton and cover all exposed skin.
  3. Storage and transportation must be strictly according to the rules.

If, however, an aqueous solution of ammonia gets into the eyes or mucous membranes, they should be well washed with plenty of boiled water and consult a doctor. In case of burns, apply a 5% acetic acid lotion to the affected area. In case of poisoning with ammonia vapors, an urgent need to get fresh air. In some cases, artificial respiration may be required.

Ammoniac water is an effective fertilizer and pest control. For a person almost does not pose any danger, but still precautions must be observed.

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