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How is phytosporin useful for tomatoes and when to use it

Fight from phytophthora phytophthora

"Fitosporin" is used to protect vegetable, garden and indoor crops from a wide range of diseases. The rate of use of a biological agent depends on the plant that will be processed by it.

Protection of tomatoes "Fitosporin" gained a certain popularity among gardeners. How to use the drug for processing tomatoes in the garden?


The microbiological nature of the drug allows it to penetrate deep into plant cells and act not only from the outside, but also from the inside.


Biofungicide consists of biologically active living cells and fungal spores that inhibit harmful bacteria and fungal spores. The basis of the drug are bacteria strain 26D "Bacillus subtilis". The substance begins to act immediately after treatment. Microbiological drug is available in the form of:

  • powdered substance, which is packaged in packages weighing 10 and 30 grams. The concentration in the powder of active bacteria is 1.5-2 billion. For ease of use, the manufacturer indicates that one teaspoon contains 3-3.5 grams of powder;
  • a viscous liquid (suspension), which has a concentration of useful living cells and a spore of fungi 0.8-1 billion;
  • pasty condition. The package contains 200 grams of pasta, with a concentration of bacteria up to one hundred million.
Useful information!

The manufacturer produces several types of "Fitosporin" for various cultures. The main component does not change, only beneficial trace elements are added.

Purpose of the drug

The main purpose of "Fitosporin":

  1. To protect and cure against diseases of fungal and bacterial origin, such as: powdery mildew, alternariosis, cancer, various spots caused by bacteria and fungi, root and vertex rot, scab, late blight, wilt, fomoz, etc.
  2. Increase plant resistance to stressful situations. These include: a sharp change in weather conditions, transplanting seedlings to a garden bed.
  3. Reducing the impact of chemicals and fertilizers that were used in the cultivation of tomatoes.
  4. Increases the yield of vegetable and horticultural crops by 15-30%.

You can use the drug for soaking seed material, roots before planting, root and foliar treatment of adult plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of "Fitosporin"

For several years now, a biological drug has been recognized as the best in protecting plants against diseases and increasing general immunity. Other advantages include:

  • use of the drug on any period of the growing season of the plant;
  • the substance is not dangerous for the environment, humans, insects and animals;
  • live bacteria do not die at high (+ 30-40 ° C) and low (-45-50 ° C) temperature conditions;
  • it is possible to process with a preparation any plants.

The disadvantage of "Fitosporin" is only that the bacteria die when they come under the influence of direct sunlight.


To hay the stick in biofungicide not perished in the sun, make treatment late in the evening. During the night, the bacteria will have time to be absorbed through the pores of the plant.

Instructions for use of "Fitosporina"

Spraying with a solution based on biofungicide is carried out in any weather, even before and after the rain (2 hours), but it is worth remembering that the effect will be reduced by half. Processing plants can be done in 7-14 days. If you make watering with a solution based on "Fitosporin", then the interval of the next application increases, and is 4 weeks, not 1-2 weeks, as with foliar sprays.


The preparation, regardless of the type, must be dissolved several hours before the treatment of the plants using water at room temperature.

Powdered drug

  • for soaking tomato seed. Dissolve 1.5 grams of powder in half a glass of water. Soak for 2-3 hours before planting in the ground;
  • for soaking the roots of tomatoes, before planting in the garden. In half a bucket of warm water, dissolve 10 grams of the drug. Place tomato roots for several hours;
  • for foliar processing. Process tomatoes with a solution twice a month, with an interval of 14 days. The solution is prepared on the basis of 5 grams of powder and a bucket of warm water.

Pasty substance

Before use, the pasty cake should be dissolved into a concentrated mixture. Put the contents of one pack in a container, pour 400 milliliters of water. Wait until the paste is completely razmokrat, stir the mixture until smooth. Concentrate can be stored for a month.

  • for soaking seeds. Dissolve in half glass with water, ½ teaspoon of the resulting concentrate. Soak the seeds for two hours just before sowing;
  • for foliar and root treatments. In a bucket of warm water, dissolve one tablespoon of the concentrate, and use as directed.

Drug in the form of a liquid suspension

The consumption rate for soaking the seeds, root system, foliar and root treatment is the same, is ten drops per hundred milliliters.

When can and should be applied "Fitosporin" for tomatoes

The drug can and should be used:

  • For tillage and greenhouses where seed will be sown for seedlings. The treatment solution is prepared on the basis of 10 grams of powder and 10 liters of water. They need to abundantly saturate the soil, as well as spray the entire greenhouse. To consolidate the effect, repeat the processing of the greenhouse after a week, and then just sow the seeds of tomatoes.
  • To soak the seeds, to accelerate the growth of tomatoes, increase overall resistance. It is better to use a liquid suspension. 100 milliliters will need a few drops of the drug. Soak no more than 3 hours before planting in the soil.
  • For soaking the root system. The solution is prepared the same as for seed treatment.
  • To protect tomatoes throughout the growing season. Processing can be done every 2 weeks. Spraying with a biological substance is carried out even during the flowering period of tomatoes.

Safety measures and storage conditions of the drug

Despite the low toxicity of the drug, follow the basic precautions:

  • wear medical gloves, a change of clothes, which wash after washing;
  • during root or foliar processing should not eat, drink water, smoke;
  • if the solution got on the skin or mucous membrane of the eye, immediately wash them with clean water;
  • if the solution got into the stomach, do the washing and drink any enterosorbent that will prevent poisoning.

Keep "Fitosporin" need in a dark place where there is no access for animals and children. The optimal storage temperature is from -20 ° C to + 30 ° C, at a humidity of 10-20%. The total useful life of the bacteria is four years from the date of issue, which is indicated on the package.


  1. Use the drug in warm weather. Studies have shown that the use of the substance when the air temperature is not warmed up to + 20 ° C is not effective.
  2. It has excellent compatibility with other pesticides and fungicides.If plants have an extreme degree of disease, then for a quick recovery, alternate spraying with other drugs.
  3. The finished solution, regardless of the type of drug, will always look like a strong brewed tea.
  4. Do not use the substance if it has expired.

"Fitosporin" - an excellent tool for the treatment and resistance of tomatoes. Adhering to the basic rules of using the drug, you will not only save the plants from ailments, but also increase their yield.

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Fight from phytophthora phytophthoraFight from phytophthora phytophthora

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