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Fungicide Barrier make in time that tomatoes did not hurt

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Growing healthy tomatoes is not easy even in a greenhouse. The ubiquitous spores of fungi penetrate everywhere, accumulate in the soil, plant debris. Many gardeners have appreciated modern biological fungicide Barrier, which is successfully used for the treatment of tomatoes in open and protected ground.


The barrier consists of two microbiological preparations - Extrasol, Azotobacterin. The first tool Extrasol was developed in the All-Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Microbiology. On tomatoes, it can have a growth-stimulating and protective effect.

The tool is registered as a microbiological fertilizer used since 1999. The basis of Extrasol bacteria Bacillus subtilis. The substances they synthesize inhibit the reproduction of pathogens (bacteria, fungi), stimulate the active growth and full development of tomatoes.


Extrasol improves the absorption of nutrients from the soil, so when using it, you can reduce the amount of mineral fertilizer applied by 30%.

Bushes of tomatoes more intensively assimilate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium from the soil. This happens due to the fact that the beneficial bacteria Bacillus subtilis colonize tomato on the roots, promote their growth and increase in their absorptive capacity.

Azotobacterin is a bacterial fertilizer created on the basis of a nitrogen fixer from the Azotobacteriaceae family. The drug produces biologically active substances: pantheonic and nicotinic acid, vitamins of group B. Its use allows you to increase crop yield by 15%.

This does not end the positive properties of the substance. When it is used in tomatoes, the immunity is enhanced, the content of nitrates in fruits decreases. The increase in yield is due to the fact that Azotobacterin promotes intensive growth of shoots, development of the root system, stimulates the formation of ovaries.

In addition to microbiological preparations (Extrasol, Azotobacterin), the Barrier contains:

  • the liquid fraction obtained from biohumus - the product of the activity of earthworms;
  • useful soil microflora;
  • nitrogen;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus.


The main advantage of a biological product is its safety for humans and the environment. Beneficial microorganisms that make up the fungicide:

  • sick tomatoes are treated by destroying pathogenic fungi and bacteria;
  • increase seed germination;
  • prevent the development of the disease;
  • strengthen the immune system of adult plants and seedlings;
  • increase the adaptability of tomatoes to the influence of external factors (frost, drought, prolonged rains).

Deficiencies in the funds are not identified.


The drug has a feature that must be considered when applying. Bacteria work better if the soil contains enough organic matter.


The barrier is recommended to use for the treatment of tomato seeds before planting, to treat seedlings from the black leg. The tool facilitates transplanting seedlings to a permanent place. Seedlings treated before planting in the ground (greenhouse) drug Barrier, does not get sick, it takes root faster.

During the growing season, the tool is used to prevent diseases:

  • late blight;
  • root rot;
  • black legs;
  • rot (white, gray).

Application of a disease barrier tomato, tips

At the end of the growing season of tomatoes, the weather worsens, it gets colder, and it often rains. This affects the health of the tomato. On the leaves appear brown spots and gray mold. The signs say that the bushes are affected by gray mold.

Processing on the sheet of drug Barrier will help to cope with the disease. If tomatoes grow in the greenhouse, then provide the plants with a normal microclimate (increase the temperature). Before spraying the diseased bushes, remove all damaged shoots, fruits, leaves.


In ripe tomatoes, the content of nitrates and heavy metals is reduced if the bushes were processed with the Shade.

Large root losses cause tomato losses. The rotting of the root collar leads to the gradual death of the bush. Barrier serves as a means of preventing this fungal disease of tomatoes. With it, in the spring they disinfect the soil before planting.

The barrier is used if a spider mite starts on greenhouse tomatoes. Insect damages leaves, serves as a source of infection. Bushes, torn by a mite, suffer from gray mold, spotted wilt. With a solution (for 1 liter of water, 2 caps of the barrier), the plants are watered twice with an interval of 3 weeks.

How to prepare the solution

For the treatment of tomato seeds, the solution is prepared at the rate of 2 caps per liter of water. Planting material is first sorted, empty and small seeds are harvested, then soaked for 24 hours in Barrier solution.

For root dressings and tillage prepare a solution of greater concentration. Per liter take 4 cap fungicide. Fertilizer is poured into the hole during planting, at the root as a top dressing. Consumption for 1 tomato bush - 1 cup.

Preventive and therapeutic foliar dressing is carried out in the morning and evening. The solution is prepared in proportion: 2 caps Barrier, 1 liter of water. So that the plants do not hurt, the bushes are sprayed 1 time in 10 days.


Inga, Pushkin

I fight with phytophthora in all possible ways. In the spring before transplanting the seedlings I work the soil with the drug Barrier. I chose him because he is effective and safe. It is easy to use. Means liquid, pour out 2 caps on each liter of water. I have a 8 liter watering can, 16 caps go on it.

Soot tomato a little, so the watering Zaslon I have enough to pour every hole. On one leaves 1 glass of fertilizer. I have been using the remedy not for the first year, there are no phytophtoras on my tomatoes, as well as other fungal diseases. In the summer, I feed my tomatoes first with a mullein infusion, and later - with phosphate-potassium fertilizers, the stepson and the leaves are removed.


Anna, Chelyabinsk

The weather in the summer was changeable: either the heat is dry, then cold, and the rain will charge. Tomatoes in my open field grow and brown spots began to appear on the leaves against the background of cooling and dampness. The neighbor said it was Kladosporioz and advised the drug Barrier. She removed all the damaged leaves from the bushes, spread 2 lids of the barrier in 1 liter, sprinkled all the plants on the leaves in a row (healthy, diseased). A week later, repeated the procedure. The bushes were leveled, there were no stains on the fruits.


The effective composition of the drug provides high germination of seeds, active growth of seedlings. Regular summer foliar and root top dressing of tomatoes serve as reliable prevention of fungal diseases.

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