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How to treat the terry of tomatoes

double flower of tomatoes

Summer residents scold the quality of the seeds when, instead of heart-shaped or regular flat-rounded fruits, freaks appear on tomato bushes. They call this phenomenon fasciation. The term refers to the deformation or deformity of a part of a plant. There is fasciation not only in tomatoes.

Symptoms of fasciation

Already during flowering, you can learn that tomatoes are freaks tomatoes. They are formed from double flowers, gardeners call them royal. They are larger than usual almost 2 times. Normal flowers have a regular star shape, formed by five petals and stamens.

Fasciated buds are asymmetrical. Petals, stamens, sepals of the deformed specimen more than usual. Their stem is flattened, it is two times wider than usual. Fasciation is typical for large-fruited varieties. According to responses of summer residents, the terry is found on tomatoes:

  • Bull heart;
  • Marmande;
  • Pink Giant;
  • Ox heart

This is not all varieties, the list can be continued. On healthy plants, terry flowers appear in 1-2 hands.


The bush is infected with a virus, if there are many terry buds, they are not only below, but also in the upper part of the plant.

After pollination from the royal flowers, multi-nest ovaries of bizarre form are formed.

Fasciation (Topping of tomato flowers

The reasons

Often the ugly fruits are found among summer residents who like to use the drugs Bud, Ovary. Why this happens is difficult to explain. This effect of stimulants is not fully understood. There is an assumption that they cause hormonal imbalance, this becomes the cause of fasciation.

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In greenhouses, the use of drugs can be minimized. Stimulate pollination in other ways:

  • create drafts in the greenhouse;
  • in the morning gently shake flowering branches;
  • during flowering, the bushes sprayed with a solution of boric acid (10 l bucket of water 5 g of powder).

Errors in growing seedlings can provoke deformation of the plant: rare watering, sharp temperature fluctuations.

The virus is the most unpleasant cause of fruit deformity. Ugly tomatoes are formed on plants affected by strike (mosaic), bacterial blotch. It makes no sense to pluck deformed inflorescences, bushes infected with a virus must be dug out and destroyed.

Fasciation (Topping of tomato flowers

To tear off or not to pick off terry flowers of tomatoes

During fasciation, several flowers grow together. When pollinating the fruits of them are ribbed, ugly. There can be, but can not be canned. Appearance is not aesthetic. Salads are made of freaks, they are allowed to juice, ketchup, sauces.

Opinions of gardeners about terry flowers forked:

  • some prefer deformed buds to pluck out;
  • the second, on the contrary, copies with deviations are left, all the others in this brush are deleted.

The first are supporters of a stable harvest, the second are lovers of giant fruits. Terry copies should be deleted. Fruits, set from them, slow down the development of the ovaries in 2 hands, ripen themselves much later. They take away nutrients from other ovaries, reduce yield.

Preventive measures

For the prevention of viral diseases contributing to fasciation, seeds are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate before sowing, and planting soil is disinfected. Apply complex and mineral fertilizers, feed tomatoes at least 3 times during the summer.


After harvesting, it is necessary to sow ridges with siderata, if there are many bushes on the tomatoes with symptoms of fasciation. This will clear the ground of possible infection.

Deformed tomatoes more often suffer from deformation. So that the fruits are even, tasty, they organize an airing system in the greenhouses, maintain an optimum level of humidity, and eliminate sudden temperature drops.

How to grow giant fasciated fruit

terry flower

Some gardeners, wanting to grow a record large tomato, leave a flower terry. At the same time in the brush remove all other ovaries. All nutrients are directed to the formation of a giant.

Provide bush full care:

  • every two weeks they are fed with fertilizers, alternating organic with mineral;
  • one day after watering, the soil is powdered with sifted ash and loosened;
  • to increase the mass of roots stem spud.

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Ugly giant-sized tomatoes take most of the nutrients. The formation of the rest of the tomato because of this slows down. Most gardeners pluck out royal flowers and ugly ovaries. The harvest does not suffer from this. No giant specimens, but there are high-quality, aligned tomatoes.

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double flower of tomatoesdouble flower of tomatoes

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