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Compost for tomatoes from sleeping tea

Compost for tomatoes

As fertilizer for tomatoes Especially useful is the sleeping leaf tea. The use of this cheap, nutritious feeding is available to everyone, but requires accuracy. To get the best possible result and do not harm the landings, you should know a number of subtleties.

How does tea brewing affect tomatoes and soil?

In order to understand whether tea brewing is useful for tomatoes, you need to understand the chemical composition. Main elements:

  • potassium is a necessary substance for the full development of green mass;
  • calcium - is involved in plant metabolic processes;
  • magnesium is an indispensable element during photosynthesis;
  • iron - contributes to the prevention of diseases;
  • boron - stimulates the formation of buds and ovaries.

Sleeping tea, introduced into the soil, acts as an organic additive, which is always beneficial for fertility.

Is tea suitable for compost?

For fertilizers It is recommended to use leaf welding (large leaf or medium leaf). Tea bags may contain dyes and other additives that are harmful to plants. Both fresh and dried brewing is allowed in the open ground.


Flavored tea is not suitable for use as a fertilizer. Odorant can inhibit plant growth and adversely affect the condition of the bushes.

Tea residues are suitable not only for root feeding, but also to accelerate the processes of decay in the compost pit. This is the nutrient of the future humus.

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of tea leaves is popular with many gardeners. The following advantages stand out especially:

  • soil is enriched with potassium, calcium, magnesium and other useful elements;
  • soil structure improves, the earth becomes looser, therefore, air and moisture penetrate deeper;
  • natural composition;
  • minimum price, availability at any time of the year.

Disadvantages of feeding:

  • excessive brewing (especially fresh) often leads to the formation of mold;
  • tea leaves increase the acidity of the earth (it is added only to alkaline soil).

How to use sleeping tea

There are several options. top dressing of tomatoes with used tea. They differ depending on the tasks that need to be solved:

  1. In spring or autumn, after digging the beds, no more than 500 g of brewing is applied per square meter of soil. Thus, useful elements are constantly present in the land, which contributes to a bountiful harvest.
  2. Dry brewing can be used as a mulch layer. During watering, vitamins and trace elements will gradually fall into the ground. In addition, the surface of the beds will remain wet longer.
  3. During transplantation of seedlings in the garden, in the hole you can put 100 g of tea leaves, mixed with wood ash.
  4. Watering infusion carried out at any stage of growth of the tomato bush. 250 g of dry raw materials need to pour 3 liters of boiling water, insist and water as usual water (the exact amount depends on the age and type of plant).

Use only sleeping tea (not dry from the store) to prevent excess power.


Sleeping tea is used by many gardeners in addition to the basic fertilizer. This nutritious and cheap supplement contributes to obtaining a bountiful harvest, but is not able to replace complex top dressing.

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