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The most delicious tomatoes in tomato juice for the winter

tomatoes in their own juice

Tomatoes in tomato juice for the winter can be prepared in two ways. The first one is the most delicious, simple and reliable: chop up soft tomatoes with a blender, remove the skin from the dense ones and place the peeled tomatoes in banks.

Fill with thick juice, leave it as it is, with pulp, and put the jars to be sterilized. This recipe is suitable in the event that tomatoes and juice will be used in the preparation of main dishes, sauces, gravies. If you want to prepare a juice for drinking, you will have to work hard and pour crushed tomatoes through a sieve before pouring. Sterilization will be needed in both cases.


  • thick tomatoes - 1 kg;
  • ripe soft tomatoes for juice - 1 kg;
  • salt, sugar - to taste.

How to cook tomatoes in tomato juice for the winter

In order to easily remove the thin skin from the tomatoes, we make boiling water, but before we cut each tomato above, cutting the flesh 1.5-2 cm.


Fill the tomatoes with boiling water from the kettle, cover completely. Leave for five minutes. Drain the water, pour cold water from the tap.

tomatoes in boiling water

We cool peeled tomatoes and cut a bright spot (where the branch was attached).

peel off

For tomato juice we select fleshy or juicy tomatoes, always ripe, without spots and rotted areas. Cut into slices, load into a blender or meat grinder. Grind in mashed potatoes.

grind in mashed potatoes

We put on medium heat, bring to a boil. Cook the tomato juice for ten minutes, until the foam disappears. Before switching off, add salt and sugar.

cook juice

Banks tightly filled with peeled tomatoes (whole or cut into halves). Fill with boiling juice under the neck.

pour in the jar

We will sterilize the jars in a large saucepan, on the bottom of which we must put a cloth or a towel folded in several layers. We put the jar, cover with a lid, no need to roll up. Pour water, it should close the jar by two thirds in height. Over high heat, bring the water in the pan to a boil and sterilize for 15 minutes 700 g cans, 20 minutes liter. Boiling is adjusted so that the water boils gently.


Carefully remove the banks and immediately roll up the machine or screw caps with thread. For better warming we wrap in a blanket, leave it in this form for a day until it cools down.

tomatoes in their own juice

Then we remove in the locker or storage room for storage. Successful to you preparations!

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tomatoes in their own juicetomatoes in their own juice

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