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Spicy tomatoes in adjika for the winter

adjika tomatoes

Tomato canned food in vinegar pickles are pleasant to the taste, but their constant use with a minimum of fresh vegetables, adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system, provokes an aggravation of hypertension. The adjika tomato recipe for the winter contains only healthy foods, with no preservatives in it.

The key role in the harvesting is given to tomatoes. One half of them must be ripe - they will go to the adjika. The second part will be used as a whole - it can be small brown cream or yellow round tomatoes. Sweet paprika choose any color. For the bitterness you need a regular hot pod or chili pepper. Choose the size and quantity based on your taste preferences. You can reduce the amount of garlic if you like a milder taste.

Such an interesting snack creates a wonderful taste harmony with fragrant pilaf or regular pasta, boiled or baked potatoes. But, if you serve it to a kebab, grill or simple chopped meatballs, it will be fantastically tasty - just yummy fingers.

The number of components is designed for a volume of two liters.


  • fresh tomatoes - 2.5 kilograms,
  • table salt - 1.5 tablespoons,
  • garlic - 100 grams,
  • granulated sugar - 4 tablespoons,
  • Bulgarian pepper - 2 pieces,
  • Carnation buds - 5 pieces,
  • hot pepper pod - 1 piece,
  • peppercorns allspice - 6 pieces.


How to prepare tomatoes in adjika

First, set aside the vegetables for laying in jars. Wash tomatoes and distribute ripe ones in one direction, which you will use for adzhika, in the other - denser, multi-colored, but approximately the same degree of maturity.

For adzhika, wash the sweet pepper, remove the stalk with seeds, wash again and cut into several pieces. Red tomatoes cut into medium-sized slices. Peel spicy chillies and cut them in half. Peel the garlic and, together with other chopped vegetables, place it in a container for grinding. For grinding, you can use a kitchen machine or a submersible blender. Crush vegetables.

chop vegetables

Pour the mixture into a heat-resistant container, add sugar, salt and stir. Put on medium heat and heat the mass with constant stirring. When bubbles appear, reduce the intensity of heating and reduce the adjika for 15 minutes.

add salt, sugar

Put aside tomatoes with a wooden stick in the area of ​​the stem, so that they do not crack when the temperature changes and place them tightly in sterilized jars, filling them in “hangers”, as in the photo.

put the tomatoes in a jar

Boiling adjika gently pour into jars with tomatoes. For safety, pour hot tomato marinade over a spoon.

pour adjika

Place the filled hot jars in the oven compartment and heat for 20 minutes at a temperature not higher than 120 degrees. Roll up spicy tomatoes in aromatic adjika and turn over. Cover warmly and leave to cool. Store in a dark place at a stable temperature not higher than 20 degrees.

ready-made tomatoes in adjika

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adjika tomatoesadjika tomatoes

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