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Matchless thai cucumber salad

Cucumber salad in Thai

Light cucumber salads always accompany our diet in the summer, when the cucumber harvest is the sea and you can not only roll them up for the winter, but also try out something new and exotic. For example, like this cucumber salad based on Thai cuisine. A recipe with step-by-step photos will help you easily make a delicious snack in Thai.

When it comes to the cuisine of Thailand, everyone probably has associations with the sweet and sour and spicy taste of meat, fish, vegetables or noodles. This salad is no exception, it has the sourness of lime and the sweetness of honey, you will determine the sharpness on your own, and for the rest, our step-by-step photos will help you!

Cooking time: 15 minutes. Servings: 2


  • Cucumber - 3-4 pcs .;
  • pepper red and yellow - 0.5 pcs .;
  • greens (dill or cilantro) - 1 bunch;
  • black and white sesame - 1 tbsp;
  • olive oil or sesame - 2 tablespoons l .;
  • Lime juice - 2 tbsp.
  • soy sauce - 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • honey - 2 tsp.

salad ingredients

How to cook Thai cucumber salad

White sesame seeds are dried a little in a pan without oil until a faint cream shade appears, and black sesame is left as it is.

white sesame in a panWe cut cucumbers with thin long or medium straws, without cutting off their skin (if the cucumbers are young and still tender). With the "age" of cucumbers, the peel still needs to be cut off - it is quite tough and will spoil the overall impression of the salad.

Since cucumbers are minced finely, it is very convenient for such a salad to float unused in conservation (the so-called "substandard") or "overgrown cucumbers". In the salad, they will look like you need - juicy and appetizing!

we cut cucumbers into stripsFor about the same length and thickness of straw, we cut both kinds of sweet pepper, for the coloriness of the salad - red pepper and ordinary pepper, yellow. We put everything in a salad bowl.

add peppersSalad dressing will consist of honey, soy sauce, butter and lime juice. With this combination of ingredients in the salad dressing will be the most refreshing! If you want to add something spicy, you can add red pepper to it.

cooking gas stationWe mix everything in one small bowl and stir it so that the oil spreads over the liquid and forms some kind of emulsion. Pour lime dressing into salad.

salad dressingAdd to the vegetables chopped dill or cilantro. We pour white and black sesame, leaving a little for decoration for serving.

add salt and spicesMix all the ingredients and arrange in portioned salad bowls or in one large common dish. It turns out in all senses "light" salad, which does not take much time to cook, and the calories are almost weightless!

Thai cucumber salad

Cucumber salad in Thai ready! Enjoy your meal!

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Cucumber salad in ThaiCucumber salad in Thai

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