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Tomatoes in boxes, the secret of a bountiful harvest

ridge boxes for tomatoes

Various experiments to obtain a rich harvest of tomatoes have shown that the culture effectively grows and bears fruits in high ridges. Experienced gardeners recognized growing tomatoes in boxes and drawers as a convenient and least costly job.

The construction of beds with sides does not take much time, but will allow you to comfortably care for the crop and significantly increase the quantity and quality of fruits.

Why do we need ridges, boxes and boxes

To understand the good planting tomatoes in containers and high beds with sides, you should pay attention to the fact that a powerful root system of tomatoes requires a place for full development, and the above-ground part needs timely care. Plants growing in the ground above the level of the garden receive all the necessary nutrients, water and sunlight. Good rooting not only firmly fixes the bush in the ground, but also allows small branches to collect moisture and all sorts of useful substances in the range of their growth.

Growing tomatoes in boxes allows the beds to be mobile and move the crop with the onset of adverse weather in a protected place. Also planting tomato bushes in a box is a way to create order in the garden.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the method of planting tomatoes on high beds, enclosed bumpers are:

  • the ability to organize shelter in the cold and bad weather, or the transfer of boxes in the room;
  • the conclusion of the soil in the sides allows you to more effectively carry out activities for feeding and care;
  • exclusion of soil eruption;
  • easy care of tomatoes;
  • the absence of weeds growing from row spacing;
  • the ability to conduct experimental landings with different composition of the soil under the tomatoes;
  • preservation of optimum moisture in the soil, etc.

The disadvantages of the method include the need to install the box and the cost of its construction. The walls of the boxes eventually deteriorate from moisture and physical impact. Renovation or repair will be required. Also on such a bed it is difficult to dig the land at the sides.

Variants of beds-boxes and boxes


Summer residents with experience prefer to equip in areas of the ridge-box, which are constructed by type:

  • the initial digging and raising of the land above the garden level followed by the conclusion of the excavated territory into the fence;
  • installation of the box with the placement there of soil and fertilizer.

The sides can be boards, slate, professional sheet and other material. It is important to pay great attention to the joints and corners. Do not allow gaps in these places.


Well-proven boards with the possibility of fitting with a thorn-groove hitch. The walls of the box tightly fastened to each other, which prevents the passage of water, feeding the infusions, rash of the earth.

Practically, it has been established that the most comfortable ridges have a width not exceeding 70 cm. This allows planting tomatoes in one or two rows and carrying out comprehensive care on both sides.

Boxes can also be made from different materials.These can be fully wooden structures or wooden frames with metal or plywood walls. The bottom of the bed-box suffers the most, as it accounts for the main pressure and moisture. The advantage of growing in boxes is that initially the seedlings in the room can begin to grow immediately in these structures, if space permits. Then boxes with the grown bushes are taken out to the garden. The box most often does not exceed the size of 120 cm x 50 cm.

A high bed or box can be of different heights. It is not necessary to design very high bumpers. Work in such a ridge inconvenient. Low-growing bushes may be deficient in light.

The optimum wall height is 30-40 cm. This is sufficient for the full development of a powerful root system of tomato and the freedom of its growth. That is, when installing the box, it is necessary to pick up boards with a width of 30 to 40 cm or cut another material to this size. Boxes are also manufactured in accordance with this height.

Location of side beds and drawers on the site

You can arrange high beds with sides or boxes in any corner of your garden. Growing tomatoes in these ridges allows you to not depend on the total acidity in the garden. In the box you can adjust the soil to a neutral reaction, which is preferred by tomatoes.

For the location of the ridge boxes and boxes it is better to choose a site that is hidden from the draft wind and receives a lot of sunlight and heat. It is not recommended to organize planting near tall trees, bushes, near buildings.

When forming beds with sides, mount the box perpendicular to the horizon and make sure that the bed is not beveled. Otherwise, moisture and precipitation will quickly leave the box.

The distance between the beds

When arranging the beds in the sides and when placing boxes for growing tomatoes, you can choose which distance will be convenient for you. You should not make narrow paths in between rows. It is difficult to move around and care for the culture. Summer residents with experience recommend making the distance between tomato beds at least 50 cm.

Weed grass growing between the rows does not pose a danger to tomatoes. It can easily be picked out or rooted out. Growing in such structures reduces the risk of weed germination among tomatoes.

Soil preparation for high beds

The soil can be prepared in advance. This may be the land from the garden, in which fertilizers should be applied in accordance with the growth stages of the tomatoes. Also a widespread method of preparing the nutritional composition for tomatoes.

For this:

  • mount the box with wall heights 30-40 and width up to 70 cm;
  • half fill it with ordinary garden soil;
  • add a layer of cow dung, rotted compost or humus with a peat layer with a height of at least 10 cm;
  • sprinkle with wood ash;
  • Dig all the soybeans with a bayonet spade.

You have an excellent nutrient substrate for growing tomatoes. Check the acidity of the soil formed and, if necessary, conduct liming. This land is suitable for planting seedlings, and for the cultivation of tomato bushes.

Planting and care

Most often, seedlings of tomatoes begin to cook in mid-March in the Middle Belt, Moscow Region, Leningrad region. And in late March - early April in the North-Western region, Siberia, the Urals.

The grown seedlings are planted at a distance of 30 to 55 cm. This provides each bush with the necessary freedom and eliminates the deficiency of nutrients. Tomatoes are planted in one or two rows.

It is important!

Take care before planting the arbor attachments in the garden. The branches of willow, hazel, thick wire or finished elements can act as arcs.In case of sudden cold or bad weather, you can easily protect the seedlings with special covering material that will stay on the arcs and will not damage the plants.

As the tomato grows, it is necessary to regularly fertilize, loosen the soil, water the plants, and treat them from pests. The location of the bushes in the high ridge gives the gardener the opportunity to carry out all procedures with comfort.

You should also take measures to care for the ridge at the stage of its installation. The wooden elements used in the construction are better treated with special water-repellent compositions and special impregnations against the fungus. Metal boxes better painted in order to avoid corrosion. Regularly it is worth checking the density of the joints and the density of the adjacent boards.

After harvesting before the frost, it is necessary to fold the entire soil from the sides. With temperature changes, the earth in the box will experience expansion and contraction, which will entail a load on the walls and deformation

Recommended varieties for bed-boxes

To grow tomatoes in boxes worth approaching thoughtfully. Favorable conditions in highly raised soil allow picking up early and mid-season varieties in order to get a good harvest of tomatoes as soon as possible.

The standard grades have positively proven themselves:

  • "Summer resident";
  • "Pink Favorite";
  • "Flash";
  • SeDek;
  • "Betalux".


  • "Irina";
  • "Gold";
  • Amur Dawn;
  • Nepas;
  • "Dream of the gardener" and others.

Growing tomatoes in boxes efficiently and conveniently. You will be able to carry out convenient care for the crop and, if necessary, cover the plants with protective material. Have a good harvest.

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ridge boxes for tomatoesridge boxes for tomatoes

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