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Tomatoes in apple juice for the winter

tasty preparation for the winter

Today we will make tomatoes in apple juice for the winter, you will lick the fingers recipe. Such tomatoes will not stand for long on the shelves of your bins. For the recipe, choose ripe and tasty tomatoes, sweetish, with a little sourness. Juice can be used store or home - as you prefer, because not everyone has a juicer, so the store option is suitable for such a case.

As a result, the tomatoes come out fragrant, with a slight taste of apple, quite harmoniously. If you like to experiment with blanks, you will like the recipe. Let's get started


  • tomatoes - 1 kg;
  • apple juice - 1 l;
  • salt - 1 tbsp;
  • sugar to taste;
  • garlic and allspice - on request.

How to cook tomatoes in apple juice for the winter

Prepare all the products on the list. Wash tomatoes well and dry. If the tomatoes are too large, you can cut it in half.


Prepare the container - wash the jar thoroughly, then sterilize over steam or in the oven. Fill a jar with tomatoes.

in the jar

Boil water on the stove, pour boiling water over the tomatoes, cover with a sterile cap and leave for 10 minutes alone. After a while the water, the procedure is repeated several times.

to pour

Pour apple juice into a saucepan, add salt and sugar to it, boil it. If desired, throw a leaf of basil.


Pour hot juice in steamed tomatoes. Immediately throw a cap on the neck of the jar.

pour brine

Screw the lid on with the key and place the jar upside down; After a day, transfer the tomatoes into the cellar.

roll up

Enjoy your meal!

preparation for the winter

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tasty preparation for the wintertasty preparation for the winter

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