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Dangerous swellings and tubercles on currant leaves

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When growing currants in their summer cottage, some gardeners notice in the spring on young foliage characteristic swellings of red. So, infection of a bush with gallic aphids manifests itself. The insect feeds on the juices of young leaves and causes deformation of the leaf plates. The whole plant suffers from it. After the destruction of young shoots, the yield of the plant is greatly reduced and the taste of the berries suffers. You can fight gall aphids in different ways.

Damage caused by gallic aphids

Gallic aphid looks similar to other types of aphids. This is a small insect whose body does not exceed 2 mm in length. Her body is a pale yellowish-green color, but can become transparent. Some individuals are winged gallic aphids, while others spend their life cycle without wings.

Nutrition for this pest are the green parts of the currant bushes. Insect pierces leafy plates and green shoots, sucks the juice out of them. After the plant attempts to heal the wounds at the puncture site, ugly swellings are formed.

During one season, up to twenty generations of gallic aphids develop. The speed of this process is directly influenced by climatic conditions. The warmer the summer, the more parasites displayed.

Signs of plant damage:

  • bulges of red appear on the outside of the sheet plates;
  • leaves gradually deform and dry;
  • curvature of the petioles;
  • large clusters of parasites are visible on the underside of the leaf;
  • when strongly damaged, insects move to the inflorescences, causing the flowers to fall off and prevent the formation of the ovary.

If there are signs of infection with a gallic aphids, you must immediately destroy it. Otherwise, the insect spreads rapidly, moving to other plants.

Mechanical destruction

If a colony of parasites is detected at the beginning of its development, it is usually still small in number. Then it can be destroyed manually. For this, the currant bush is carefully inspected in search of characteristic damage. At the same time, it is especially necessary to inspect the underside of the leaf plates. It is there that insects accumulate.

All infected leaves and shoots found are carefully cut off. They need to burn the territory of the site. Do not allow damaged leaves with insects on them to fall to the ground. In this case, be sure to re-infection.

Folk recipes

Some plants contain in their composition fungicides, natural pyrethrins and other substances that have a destructive effect on aphids. On their basis, you can make safe and effective means to combat pests. To enhance the effect of decoctions and infusions, they add liquid soap, shampoo or shavings of laundry soap. It enhances the adherence of therapeutic drugs and prolong their action.

Effective Aphid Recipes:

  1. For the preparation of tobacco tincture take 300 g of tobacco residues and mixed with 600 ml of water. In a sealed container, the mixture is left for 3 days. Then filter and pour in a little soap. This drug is sprayed on all sides of the plant.
  2. To prepare the tincture on marigolds, take half a bucket of flowers and mix with one bucket of boiling water. Means left for 2 days. After that filter and in a ready infusion enter a little soap.
  3. Mustard infusion is prepared from 10 liters of water and 25 g of mustard powder. First, the powder is mixed with 1 liter of boiling water and incubated for 24 hours in a sealed container. Then the concentrate is mixed with the main volume of water and sprayed with a working solution of currant bushes.

Processing folk remedies effective at the initial stage of infection. If insects have spread to large areas, it is much more effective to destroy them with chemical preparations.

Chemical and biological products

With a strong infection of currant bushes with gallic aphids, it is more efficient to use modern preparations against insect pests. First, it is desirable to carry out the processing of biological agents. The main active ingredient of such drugs are spores of fungi and bacteria, some viruses. Penetrating into the body of an insect along with the plant sap, these drugs have a paralytic effect on the nervous system or cause its death.

Effectively destroy gallic aphids, Actofit, Bitoxibacillin, Avertin. They are diluted with water according to the attached instructions and sprayed with a solution of bushes. For the complete destruction of insects will require several treatments.

If biological preparations are incapable of destroying the pest, proceed to radical actions and treat the infected plants with chemical preparations. Usually insecticides of systemic action are used for this. The following drugs have a good effect:

  • Actellic;
  • Vofatoks;
  • Konfidor Maxi;
  • Proteus;
  • Calypso.

With a strong infection, the first treatment is carried out at the stage of leaf blooming. The second time the tool is used after harvesting. In this case, the working solution is prepared strictly according to the instructions. Store the prepared solution can not. Therefore, it is prepared in such a volume that is enough for processing all infected plants.


Before using biological and chemical preparations, respiratory organs are protected by a respirator, rubber gloves are worn on the hands. Spraying of bushes is carried out in windless, dry weather.

Prevention of gall aphid infection

It is much easier to prevent the penetration of parasites on the site, than to get rid of them and restore the plants after damage. Therefore, after harvesting in the fall, a section of soil around the bush is dug up and at the same time mixed with tree ash. When the soil is turned over, eggs lay on top and freeze in the winter in the cold. In the spring of March, after the snow melts, they re-dig. It allows you to completely get rid of insects hibernating in the ground.

In early spring, spray insecticidal action of the bush. This treatment destroys many parasites remaining on the plant. It is also useful to destroy the anthills /, spilling them with boiling water or chemical solutions. These insects take care of aphids and transfer them to plants.

Additionally, you can attract aphids to the site of natural enemies. They are destroyed by ladybugs, gold-eyed and various birds. To do this, at the site are seated between the rows of spicy herbs with a strong smell. Birds are attracted by hanging feeders and troughs in trees. Near the currant bushes can not be planted plants such as lavender, mint, oregano, sage or thyme. They attract with their fragrance aphids and can serve as insects as a temporary shelter or base when moving from one plant to another.


It is easy to combat gallic aphids, if we proceed to the destruction of the pest immediately after its detection. After the end of the growing season it is necessary to carry out preventive measures. They will help prevent the pest from spreading strongly the following year.

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    Do not panic! A jet of water under pressure from the water supply LOOKS most of the aphids. BUT! If ladybugs crawl along the leaves and their larvae (black ones) even more, just wait until these gluttons eat up all the aphids. No chemistry I have 9 years. And let the reddened afftor leaves be cut off at home! Because as soon as the aphids disappear, the color will be restored. Afftor – provocateur aggravates the harm from his aphids. And simply advertises this article by various means.


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