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Delicious tomato juice in a blender for the winter

tomato juice in a blender

This is a quick recipe for a vitamin drink that can be prepared for the winter, even if you don't have a juicer on hand. Such tomato juice is prepared in a blender at home and will come to replace the factory products, which means you will be absolutely sure of its safety and useful properties. This juice turns out very tasty and can be used in its original form. You can also add it to first courses, such as borscht, or make incredibly tasty cocktails.


  • ripe tomatoes - 1500 g,
  • salt coarse to taste
  • sugar - to taste

juice products

How to make tomato juice in a blender

Tomato juice is good because even too soft, over-ripe tomatoes are suitable for its preparation. Carefully wash the fruit. Next, cut them into arbitrary pieces, after removing all the damage.


Now in portions we put in a cup of the blender and carefully grind.

grind in a blender

The resulting tomato mass is poured into a suitable vessel. Doing the same thing with all the tomatoes. To juice contained less pulp and seeds, grind it through a metal strainer. Mashed potatoes that have not passed through a strainer can be put in a soup or in a stew of vegetables.

rub through a sieve

Next, squeezed juice sent to the fire and boil for 10 minutes.

to boil

We do this in order to keep it better. A few minutes before readiness add salt and granulated sugar to taste.

to boil

Mix well. Foam, which appeared on the surface, we remove. In the sterilized containers we pour the hot ready juice and cork with steamed lids.

close the can ready juice

Before use, it is recommended to cool the drink and add black pepper to taste.

a glass of juice

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tomato juice in a blendertomato juice in a blender

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