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Raw adjika from tomatoes, peppers and garlic - no need to cook

Adjika from tomato

There are some of the most popular types of vegetables and adzhika from tomatoes, peppers and garlic for the winter without cooking. To keep adjika stored for a long time, it is advisable to close it in sterile (sterilized) jars and store it in a room with a temperature much lower than room temperature.

Yes, the most ardent fans of this sauce will have to select an entire shelf, but tasty adjika will always be at hand. Moreover, you can use it in different ways - as an addition to meat, fish, side dish or snack. Ajika can fill a borscht grill, you can add it to the gravy. In adjika, you can marinate meat, for example, such a popular dish as “chicken tapak”.

Adjika for the winter

List of ingredients:

  • 3.2 kg of ripe tomatoes,
  • 220 g garlic,
  • 740 grams of sweet pepper,
  • 1-2 paprika hot pepper,
  • 1.3 Art. l Sahara,
  • 1.8 tbsp. l salt,
  • 5.5 Art. l table 9% vinegar,
  • 5-6 Art. l vegetable oil.

How to cook adjika of tomato, pepper and garlic

Prepare vegetables for adzhika. It is preferable that most of the pepper is red, then the color of the finished adzhika will also be bright red. Wash all vegetables.

adjika products

Divide the sweet and hot peppers with a knife into several parts, scrub the seeds and tear off the tails. Although, if you want the adjika to be sharper, leave the pepper-fire grains in place. Tomatoes also cut into slices.

cut vegetables

Peel garlic cloves and throw to the rest of the vegetables.

Adding garlic

You can twist vegetables in at least two ways. The simplest of them is with the help of a food processor. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise adjika will turn into a homogeneous ketchup. You can also use a manual or electric meat grinder.

Chopping vegetables

Add salt, sugar, refined vegetable oil and vinegar to the aromatic vegetable mass. Also, if desired, you can add spices, such as black pepper, coriander, cloves.

Adding spices and seasonings

Mix all ingredients and pour the prepared adjika into sterile jars.

Spill on banks

Spin them with lids scalded with boiling water and refrigerate for further storage.

Adjika for the winter


Adjika from tomato

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Adjika from tomatoAdjika from tomato

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