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Black Prince tomato: characteristics and description

This is the Tomato "Black Prince", it is his description of the variety and the reviews will be described below. This is a unique tomato, as you can already see from the photos. It has an unusual color, very tasty and fragrant. It is easy to grow on the site, while the surprise of your neighbors will have no limits. So let's go in more detail.

general description

Tomato "Black Prince" deserves its name. He was first bred by Chinese breeders, in our country the tomato was entered in the register in 2000. As you can see, the variety is not new, but its popularity is growing from year to year. If you have not planted this tomato, then we advise you to try, because the reviews of gardeners are very positive, and your table will become unique with such fruits. It is worth noting the fact that the “Black Prince” in greenhouses made of film or polycarbonate can be grown in all regions of Russia.

Also, you should not confuse different tomatoes, since hybrids have already been created on the basis of this variety, as indicated by the F1 marking. These are similar tomatoes, but remember that the seeds of tomatoes “Black Prince” of hybrid species cannot give you a harvest for the next year with the same indicators as in this season.

The fruits have sweet notes, they are very well suited for eating fresh and for feeding children. Also, housewives proudly decorate their dishes with such dark tomatoes. There are other advantages to this variety, which we describe below. You will also get acquainted with agricultural technology, which will provide an opportunity to take into account all the nuances and get a great harvest without problems.

For information!

This variety has the best germination of seeds when they have lain for more than a year. Therefore, keep this in mind when buying and further storage.

Tomato "Black Prince". Characteristic and description

  • Refers to indeterminate species. There is no point of final growth for the stem.
  • The height of the trunk can reach up to two meters, but more often the tomato grows by 150-160 cm.
  • If you pinch the main stem during the formation of the crop, the fruits will be larger and will ripen faster.
  • Shrubs are not standard.
  • One brush forms 6-8 fruits each.
  • The trunk has bristles, leaves are small, their color is light green.
  • Requires support stalk and formation.
  • This tomato has a very well-developed root system, so when planting, keep in mind that the minimum distance should be at least 60 cm between the bushes.
  • If several flowers are removed during flowering, the tomatoes will have more weight.
  • It has an average ripening time. You will receive your first fruits, the Black Prince, approximately 115 days after sowing.
  • Tomato has resistance to diseases, but not to all. Therefore, processing is important.
  • Can be grown in the greenhouse and on the street.
  • Fruits do not have the same size and proportions. They are slightly flattened, there is ribbing, the weight can vary from 100 grams to half a kilogram and above.
  • The color of the skin during maturation changes from green to burgundy or purple. It is worth noting that the pulp inside is also dark and very juicy. The skin is dense.
  • Fruits do not have sourness, the seeds in them are the average amount.
  • The minus of the variety is that fruits are not stored for a long time and therefore cannot be transported over long distances. This means that growing up a Black Prince for sale is quite problematic.
  • Dessert variety, suitable for children. During processing does not lose its positive properties. Suitable for canning and eating fresh. But here juice because of the big percent of dry substances it is not necessary to do.
  • High-yielding variety - up to 7 kg or more per square meter.

Now you know how many advantages the Black Prince has and there are almost no cons. To grow a tomato, you need to know some of the features. We will talk about them further.

Agrotechnology. Black Prince Tomato

It is not always easy to buy seeds of this tomato, because they are not in every store and quickly understood. You can order them online. Remember that germination is better for those that were already collected more than a year ago. By the way, about germination - this tomato has a long time, so if your seedlings do not sprout after 10 days, do not panic.

This tomato is self-pollinated, it does not need neighbors tomatoes. The distance between different varieties in the area must be at least two meters, otherwise the “Black Prince” will lose its quality. Sowing begins in mid-March, and be sure to pickle seed, for this you take a solution of manganese. It is also good to process the seeds in any growth promoter. This is done 10-14 days before landing. Be sure to pickle the soil. You can use boiling water, you can pour ash, and some gardeners even use a microwave.

Crops produced at a depth of two centimeters under the film. Of course, the soil is moistened. You can buy land in any store or make your own out of garden turf, humus, sand and superphosphate. You can pour a couple of spoons of ash. In the phase of 3-4 leaves produce a pick. For optimal development of tomato seedlings "Black Prince" need a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees. Transfer to a permanent place will be in mid-May or early June.

Be sure to remember that you need to make support in advance, and pickle the ground and on the site. After tomatoes and potatoes, as well as after eggplants, do not plant this variety. Best after onions and herbs. Pour boiling water into the wells before planting, and then apply complex fertilizer. Watering is better to carry out at the root, while taking warm water. It should be regular, after which it is necessary to loosen the soil, you can mulch the bushes. Fertilizers are applied often - once in 10 days. Top dressing with potassium, phosphorus and, of course, organic matter - manure, urea and chicken droppings are best. You can form a trunk in 1-2 stems.


For the prevention of diseases in varieties of tomatoes "Black Prince", you can use spraying of copper sulfate - 10 grams per bucket of water. This will protect against late blight and spotting. From the mosaic you can use all the same potassium permanganate.

Thus, you can grow this unique tomato on your site. He will delight you and your family, surprise your neighbors.

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