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How to grow a Balcony Miracle Tomato?

You can plant tomatoes on your balcony, for example, Balcony Miracle Tomatoes. Growing a home in the winter of vegetable crops is no longer a strange novelty. Cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, you can grow, as well as indoor flowers. If you are new to this business, then this article is for you. We will tell you about how to harvest the crop on your window sill using the example of “The Balcony Miracle”, because the variety here has a considerable value. But first, let's get acquainted with the characteristics of this tomato, and why it is given such a name.

Characteristics and description of the variety “Balcony miracle” tomato

This variety has a lot of positive aspects - it is unpretentious, and the ease of growing it in greenhouses, where not every tomato will bear fruit. We are talking about a window sill or a balcony. Indoor ground and space, especially if there is not enough space in it, good illumination, will rarely cause you to boast to your neighbors with tomatoes from your window sill. One variety requires pollination, the other on the sunny side, the third is the presence of insects, and tomatoes are sick in such conditions often. Although, it would seem, at home - this is not on the street, everything is protected, but this is a mistake.

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Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the correct grade, and this is why we decided to talk about how to grow exactly the Balcony Miracle tomato on the windowsill. Further, you will understand why.

  • Low-growing bushes - 50-60 cm, which is convenient, because only in rare cases, a garter is required. It saves space, time.
  • The variety tolerates poor lighting very well. But still it is better not to put this item key during cultivation.
  • Determinant plant.
  • Not a hybrid, which means you can collect the seeds after harvest and sow for next year.
  • Treats grades with early terms of maturing. You will receive your first fruit from a Balcony Miracle tomato during cultivation on a windowsill for about 85-90 days.
  • It tolerates temperature fluctuations very well.
  • Late blight is the thunderstorm of most tomatoes and stress for summer residents, this variety is not terrible.
  • Suitable for growing throughout our country and not only due to its characteristics. The variety requires a minimum of just three hours of lighting — every gardener in any climate can provide such conditions.
  • It does not require bevelling - again, saving time and effort.
  • German breeders created a “miracle”.
  • Fruit weight - 65-80 grams. Due to its compactness and dense red skin, it is great for canning in general.
  • The taste is excellent, the aroma is pleasant.
  • Unpretentious to the conditions of the soil. Even a novice in garden affairs can easily grow a crop.
  • Tomatoes ripen in the light.
  • Tomato produces a crop every 85-90 days, and one bush produces 2-3 kg of fruit. These are very high rates.

Now you understand that the variety is truly wonderful and deserved its name. It is worth noting that you can grow crops on a window sill, in a greenhouse, in greenhouses, and cultivation in the open field is practiced for tomatoes “Balcony miracle”, but this is a rather rare option. In addition, for the street there are many other varieties. Today's same will surprise you best at home.

For information!

Nowadays, the practice of freezing vegetables and fruits in the freezer has become popular. It is very convenient for a modern person to save time. So, not every tomato is suitable for freezing, but “Balcony miracle” is perfect. Another plus.

So, for sure you are already interested in tomato, there are only questions, what and how, and when to do. We always tell you about this, and today there will be no exception. Read more about the cultivation of tomatoes "Balcony miracle."

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How to grow crops on your windowsill?

First, let's talk about the timing. Here you can choose any convenient time for you - to grow a crop by the beginning of spring or by autumn. There is no sense to grow in the summer, because the market is full of products that are much more worthy in quality than those sold in winter and early spring. So, if you want to eat tomatoes in March, then plant seedlings in December or January. If you need fruits by the fall, then you can start planting in August.


Tomatoes "Balcony miracle", growing at home, as well as all other varieties, follow the simple advice. Everything is more successful then if agrotechnology is carried out according to the lunar calendar, which is new every year. You will ensure success in gardening in many ways.

So, you can start planting right away in pots from peat and into nutrient soil. Then you simply transfer them to the container to a permanent place. Someone immediately puts seeds in pots, which will stand on the window. But this is not always convenient, because not all the seedlings can ascend, and to waste the ground on large containers in vain is also costly.

To seedlings better sprouting, first process the seeds in a solution of manganese, and then before planting, put in "Appin" or "Kornevin." These are very popular growth promoters. Next, you prepare the soil. Here you can immediately buy ready-made soil and only pour it into the container, you can mix it with sod earth. There is another recipe - take in half the humus, simple earth, pour in a glass of ash, 8 grams of urea, 40 grams of potash fertilizer and superphosphate.

Crops are produced to a depth of 1 cm, then moistened and closed with a film. The most important thing in the question of tomato "Balcony miracle" and how to grow it, said. Now you need light and heat. Seedlings sprout, and in good soil will quickly begin to develop. To prevent infection by rot or other diseases, never pour your pots. It is possible for the prevention of the ash in the ground.


This variety is unpretentious, but does not like drafts.

To keep the bushes straight, they are supported, for example, wooden stairs. It is also good to have a glass of water on the windowsill to have moist air. But watering must be in moderation. Shrubs will pollinate themselves, this is not your concern. But if the leaves look a little dull during the day, but fine at night, this should not bother you either. Everything goes as it should.

With regards to fertilizer, they are most needed when the ovaries are formed, and the crop ripens. You can buy dry chicken droppings, use it according to the instructions. You can apply again "Epin". Experienced gardeners recommend Tsitovit. You can dilute superphosphate in a liter of water - 5 grams and a gram of potassium and urea. This feeding is also relevant. And now you already know everything about the Balcony Miracle Tomato and its cultivation from seeds on the windowsill.

Getting a harvest clean and healthy is not a myth, but a reality. Remember about the lunar calendar and some subtleties, and you will succeed.

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