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Marinated tomatoes with raisins, tasty and original

Tomatoes with raisins

Tomatoes are good both in fresh and canned form. To roll tomatoes for the winter is a simple matter, but the taste of ready-made tomatoes in the winter is not always happy. That tomatoes are too sour, then sweet, then soft, then a lot of nuances. In general, you need to look for the recipe that you like and that will appeal to your household.

There are classic recipes for how to roll up tomatoes for the winter in banks, but there are some that you go to for a long time. Do not be afraid to experiment. Today we offer you a recipe that will surprise you at first, but it’s just gorgeous and worth it. Without a doubt, write down the recipe and cook with us.

Today we will prepare tomatoes for the winter with raisins, the recipe is not only original, memorable, but also very tasty. Step by step photos will help in the preparation. Tomatoes acquire a new flavor, and their taste becomes more saturated and slightly sweet. These tomatoes will look great on the table as a family dinner, and for a festive dinner.

When guests come, the appetizer is always welcome, so tomatoes with raisins are the best choice among a variety of options. They will be the decoration of the table, and the best snack in the winter. If you are fed up with tomatoes with dill and garlic, then today's recipe will immediately go into your piggy bank, and you will return to it more than once.


  • tomatoes - 2.5 kg;
  • raisins - 50 g;
  • water - 2.5 l;
  • Acetic essence 70% - 0.5 tables. l .;
  • Salt - 3.5 tables. l .;
  • granulated sugar - 200 g

How to cook pickled tomatoes with raisins

We wash the tomatoes, remove all the tails and twigs that may occur. We choose such tomatoes that will easily fit into the banks. Tomatoes that are too large are set aside for other recipes. Wash the raisins in cold water. Tomatoes fill with boiling water for 10 minutes, they will become a little softer, and the raisins will evaporate.

When the time is up, we will pour water into the sink, we will not use it anymore. Why drain, because the raisins may contain some unwashed particles, and after the hot water, it is washed perfectly.

tomato preparation

In the banks lay out the tomatoes, sprinkling them with raisins. Tara (glass jars) are sterilized in advance so that it is ready for seaming. We sterilize both jars and roof covers, you can simply pour boiling water over it.


Cook the marinade: boil pure water, add salt and sugar. Stir, pour vinegar essence and immediately turn off the fire. Marinade is ready.

cooking marinade

Hot marinade pour tomatoes with raisins in jars.

pour jars

Roll up sterile covers and ready.

roll covers

As usual, we give the banks to cool under the blanket and put them in storage in the pantry so that it is cool and dark. Bon Appetite!

pickled tomatoes with raisins

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Tomatoes with raisinsTomatoes with raisins

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