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Citrus fertilizer for tomatoes


Citrus peel fertilizer is considered beneficial for tomatoes. Proper preparation and application ensures maximum effect for future harvest.

What properties has

The citrus peel saturates the soil with nitrogenous compounds as it rots. To speed up the important process, orange peels are thoroughly crushed to quickly decompose and display the desired efficiency. Peel bury the soil to a depth of 5 centimeters.

The soil is enriched with nutrients that are important for the proper development of tomatoes.

Cooking recipes

To combat ants, aphids, it is recommended to prepare products based on citrus peel. This is due to the content of limonene (a natural component), which weakens the insect's tenacity and prevents them from joining the leaves of plants. Then the ants and aphids gasp, die. In addition, a strong odor is used for the product used, which is why insects lose interest in plants.


The easiest option is to spread out the orange peel pieces next to infected plants or pierce small holes in them and hang them on the stems.

You can also prepare a means for effective control of insects.

  1. Clean 1-2 oranges. Thoroughly cleaned from white fibers.
  2. The remains of the skins are placed in a blender. Pour a small amount of warm water. Close the blender, turn on for about 1 minute.
  3. To the cooked mixture is regularly added a teaspoon of water. The solution should be liquid for watering plants.
  4. Ready orange solution is poured into the mink of insects. Then the finished insecticide will be absorbed into the soil and show the desired effect.

If necessary, this procedure is repeated. If the site contains several anthills, prepare more solution and they are treated with infected sites. This method is used if necessary, since the presence of ants, aphids negatively affects the state of the future harvest.

Other natural products are also used.

  1. The peel (about 100 grams) is initially dried. Then they are poured with a liter of water and insist in a dark place. After about 4 days, their use is permitted.
  2. Kilogram peel carefully crushed until smooth, placed in a 3-liter jar. The tank is filled with clean water. Insist the solution in a dark place for 5 days. Before use, 100 milliliters of the infusion is diluted in 10 liters of water. For efficiency increase add 40 grams of a laundry soap.

Both recipes are considered to be useful in the processing of tomatoes and their successful cultivation.

How and when to apply

The peel of oranges is used for composting. Precast compost is considered an effective natural fertilizer. It is recommended to combine carbonaceous and nitrogenous components (for example, dry leaves and straw, and also citrus peels). Oranges in the skins contain a large amount of nitrogen.

When using orange peels, it is desirable to grind them. This will speed up the decomposition process. Otherwise, decomposition will take a long time.


To combat aphids, ants are recommended 2-3 treatments, with spider mites - 5-6. Between treatment is recommended to maintain an interval of a week.The procedure is preferably carried out early in the morning or in the evening in order to prevent negative effects on the plants.

Advantages and disadvantages

Citrus peel should be used due to the following advantages of the method:

  • improvement in soil composition (increase in nitrogen and other nutrients);
  • effective pest and parasite control;
  • improving the quality of the crop;
  • adding to compost protects the crop from mold spores.

Despite the advantages, disadvantages are also noted. It is possible to use only fresh or thawed skins. If you collect the skin of oranges in the cold season, it will need to be frozen and properly stored. In the summer there is a variety of fruits and buying oranges for fertilizer, protection against parasites is impractical.

Citrus peel - an effective environmentally friendly remedy for tomatoes. This fertilizer provides fertilizing, plant protection. The use of citrus peel guarantees a good and rich crop of tomatoes.

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