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"Drunk" tomatoes - how to speed up the ripening process

Tomatoes in the garden

What measures do not go gardeners to get a good harvest of tomatoes. For example, use alcohol to accelerate ripening. It really works! Be sure to try!

Drunk Tomato Method

tomatoes in the gardenIt consists in the use of a solution of ethyl alcohol, or ordinary vodka. Many people think that they have invented a method in the people, but in fact scientists were engaged in the development, and over the years.

Recent experiments were carried out in St. Petersburg. Scientists of the Institute of Food Technologies M. Kubli and S. Soldatenkov, based on the experience of their predecessors, who suggested using alcohol on vegetable beds as early as 1934, proved that such dressing contributes to faster ripening of fruits. And not least, it happens evenly.

On an industrial scale, the method of "drunk" tomatoes did not spread. This treatment takes too much time and effort. But for small household plots, and especially for those who grow tomatoes on window sills or on balconies, this method is indispensable. You can try without doubting. The result will definitely please.

How it works

Ripe tomatoesThe method of "drunk" tomato is injected into the tomato alcohol. During scientific studies used a solution of ethyl with water in the fortress of 86-50%. The dose of "injection" also depended on the alcohol content. In the people for acceleration they use mostly vodka. In one fruit, right in the middle, 0.5 ml is injected.

When the alcohol gets inside the tomato, all vital processes are activated and ripening is accelerated several times. Even if you make a "prick" for a large-fruited tomato, when it is only about the size of a nut, it will still reach technical ripeness in 7-10 days. The taste of alcohol is not felt at all. Tomatoes taste the same as without it.

For which varieties and when to use the "drunk" method

It makes no sense to use alcohol to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes in the normal summer and under stable weather conditions, unless you really want to try your own crop as soon as possible. But in the end of August-September, when it is already clear that the ovary does not independently reach the desired ripeness, as well as when grown in greenhouses and at home, this method is indispensable.


Varieties can be stimulated with alcohol. Vodka works on the smallest, such as Cherry, and on large ones like the Bull's Heart, etc.

Only use such a "drunk" feeding is allowed only for healthy plants. If a shrub is weakened or there are signs of illness or damage on the fruit, such an injection will only aggravate the situation.

Terms of use

tomato harvestAlcohol really accelerates the ripening of tomatoes. But, choosing this method for your planting, be sure to follow the following rules so as not to harm the plants:

  1. To feed tomatoes, you can take vodka or alcohol diluted to a strength of 40-45 degrees. Moonshine is not recommended.
  2. You can only use a sterile syringe, the surface of the tomato, where the injection will be made, must also be disinfected.
  3. Always wear sterile gloves while working. If to bring an infection, not only the fetus will die, but also all nearby plantings.
  4. Top dressing with alcohol is carried out once!


Maria, 38 years old

I love to conduct a variety of experiments.I like to grow garden crops year-round. To do this, I buy special varieties, singled out three large windowsills, and even began to think about heating the balcony. I heard about vodka shots a long time ago, but somehow they didn’t get to try hands. But in the spring decided. By the end of May, pretty good tomatoes had grown on my balcony. But then the rainy season began. There is no light, and I almost gave up, when I suddenly remembered about this method. Armed with the necessary tools and start work. What do you think? By June 11, exactly to my birthday, all the tomatoes just ripened. The guests were surprised by the natural taste, but in the stores by this time, only a semblance of tomatoes is on sale, and I am very pleased with the result.


Nadezhda Petrovna, 63 years

My grandmother used the vodka for tomatoes. So she saved the green fruit that did not have time to reach the beginning of the cold weather. I do the same. I want to say that medical alcohol should not be diluted to 45%. It will be enough, and 35. And it is very important not to exceed the dose. Let it be a little less and ripening will take a little longer, but if you exceed the dosage, the tomato may simply rot.

"Drunk" tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular. Try this method and you. The result will surely please.

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Tomatoes in the gardenTomatoes in the garden

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