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Why do we need nettle tomatoes - recipes dressings

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Nettle infusion is an effective fertilizer for vegetables, containing only natural ingredients. Gardeners have developed recipes for which you can easily prepare a useful tool. Often nettle is used as a fertilizer for tomatoes.

The substances contained in the prickly grass contribute to the normal development of the bushes and fruit set. Top dressing increases the yield of plants, allows you to do without chemicals, if properly applied.

Advantages and disadvantages of nettle feeding

Unlike mineral and organic fertilizers, nettle extract has a number of significant advantages:

  • it is easy to gather raw materials for feeding: burning grass grows everywhere;
  • the infusion consists of natural ingredients;
  • the solution does not cause burns of the roots and foliage;
  • excess fertilizing does not accumulate in the soil;
  • nettle is rich in vitamins, organic acids and phytoncides;
  • useful substances are easily accessible;
  • The tool does not contain a malicious dispute;
  • the solution inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms.
On a note!

Nettle infusion lures earthworms, which loosen the soil and enrich it with humus.

The disadvantages of nettle fertilizer include such features:

  1. Infusion has an unpleasant odor.
  2. Application of top dressing does not improve the structure of the soil.

Useful properties of infusion of nettle


Top dressing tomatoes nettle infusion - a comprehensive care not only for the plants, but also for the soil. The effect is due to the chemical composition of the plant:

  • macronutrients: nitrogen, magnesium 6%, calcium 37%, potassium 34%;
  • trace elements: iron, silicon, copper, zinc, manganese;
  • vitamins: A, C, H, K1, E and group B;
  • amino acids;
  • tannins;
  • flavonoids;
  • organic acids.

Thanks to this composition, nettle produces valuable fertilizer for tomato beds. It is used for such purposes:

  • for saturation of plants with micro and macro elements;
  • to fill the deficit of mineral compounds;
  • with the defeat of leaves aphids.

Top dressing of nettle increases the fertility of the soil, promotes the active growth of roots and tops, the formation of fruits and their rapid maturation. The tool increases the resistance of tomatoes to diseases, in particular to the late blight. Vitamin K1, contained in the fertilizer, stimulates the process of photosynthesis. The stems of tomatoes are becoming stronger, and the foliage is greener.

How to cook nettles for tomatoes

To get a truly nutritious and healthy infusion of nettle, you need to properly prepare the grass:

  1. Collect raw materials away from the roadway, wearing gloves and closed clothing. Such a measure will save from burns.
  2. Nettle is cut to form seeds. Most of the nutrients found in young plants.
  3. Leaves and stems should not be affected by diseases and pests.
  4. Cut the grass with shears.

Standard nettle feed

When the nettle is already collected, you can proceed to the preparation of the infusion:

  1. The grass is crushed, placed in a deep container up to half, then lightly crushed.
  2. A container of raw materials filled with warm water, leaving 10 cm to the edge.
  3. To ferment all the grass and give its nutrients, the contents of the barrel should be mixed at least 3 times a week.
  4. Infuse the mixture for about 2 weeks. Ready feeding will get brown color and stop foaming.

It is not recommended to insist nettles in metal containers. Such material provokes chemical reactions during which the nutrients are destroyed. A wooden barrel or plastic container with a volume of more than 10 liters.

Nettle infusion with bread

The infusion of nettle and bread is prepared in the same way as a standard top dressing. The only difference is that chopped herb is mixed with a bun, baker's yeast, or bread. The tool is ready for use after 5 days, because fermentation process is more intense. To prevent the foam from pouring out, the container is filled only by 3/4. Before using the infusion carefully filtered.

Nettle fertilizer and dandelion leaves

Dandelion leaves - a storehouse of useful substances that improve the nutritional properties of nettle infusion. Prepare this fertilizer as follows:

  1. Dandelion leaves are lightly dried, crushed. Then they are mixed with chopped nettle. Capacity fill grass 1/8 volume.
  2. Raw materials are poured with clean water or a solution of potassium humate, prepared at the rate of 1 tsp. on 10 l.
  3. Mixture insist 5-7 days, do not forget to mix.

Other wild herbs are well combined with nettle infusion:

  • shepherd's purse;
  • sagebrush;
  • coltsfoot;
  • comfrey;
  • yarrow;
  • chamomile.

Plants collected for the preparation of top dressing should be seedless. Bindweed and St. John's wort is not put in tincture, because their juice contains toxic substances. Do not add to the nettle fertilizer and cereals, because during fermentation, they release alcohol. Such a mixture can burn the delicate roots of plants, reduce the fertility of the soil.

Methane Fermentation Method

By resorting to the methane fermentation method, you can get a more useful top dressing from nettle. This method of preparation of the infusion allows you to save all the nutrients. Its technology includes the following steps:

  1. The container with the raw material is sealed with plastic wrap. It withstands the deforming effect of methane released during the decomposition of nettle. The substances that make up the grass do not evaporate, since fermentation takes place without oxygen.
  2. Blend insist 14 days. The finished product acquires the characteristic smell of manure.
On a note!

Grass, remaining after straining the infusion, can be buried in between the rows. During rotting, it will serve as an additional power source for tomatoes.

Yeast top dressing

To get vitaminized dressing, you first need to prepare a yeast from 100 g of sugar and a bag of dry yeast, dissolving them in 3 liters of warm water. In the capacity pour 5 buckets of finely chopped nettle, a shovel of wood ash, 10 liters of mullein. The components are mixed, add the leaven, poured into a container of water and cover with a lid. Nettle-yeast mixture insist 2 weeks in a sunny place, mixing 1 time in 2-3 days.

Gardeners tips

In order for the nettle fertilizer to bring more benefits to the tomatoes, the following recommendations should be observed during its preparation and use:

  1. For the rapid maturation of the dressing, the container is placed in a well-lit place. In the warm fermentation process occurs more actively. When the weather is hot, top dressing will be ready in 5-7 days.
  2. To nettle slush faster fermented, add sugar, jam or EM-drugs.
  3. Stir slush need a wooden stick.
  4. Nettle infusion can be combined with various beneficial additives: ash, rotted manure, peat, compost, bird droppings and other organic fertilizers.
  5. The finished concentrate is stored in a cool place in a corked plastic container.
  6. The rest of the raw material can be used as a starter for fresh feeding.Until next season, nettle taras are stored in the cellar.
  7. The unpleasant smell will disappear if you put valerian root in the infusion.

Top dressing tomatoes nettle infusion

Nettle fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, calcium and potassium. This composition plays an important role in the growth of tops, the formation of high-quality fruits in tomatoes. Tomatoes ripen large and sweet, plants are less likely to be affected by diseases. During the application of nettle feeding should follow these rules:

  1. To make the root of the infusion diluted with clean water in the ratio of 1:10, and for spraying tomatoes - 1:20.
  2. Fertilizer obtained as a result of methane fermentation, for watering tomatoes is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2, and for processing on the sheet - 1: 5.
  3. 2-3 hours before the procedure, tomatoes should be poured abundantly.
  4. Seedlings are fed at the rate of 0.5 liters per sprout, and 1 liter of fertilizer is poured for each adult bush. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and frequency of feeding, so that the plants do not fatten.
  5. Tomatoes are fed with a nettle fertilizer once a month, and at the root it is applied once every 2 weeks.
  6. Due to the high nitrogen content, the infusion is used during the period of active growth of the bushes. During fruiting, the frequency of dressings is reduced.

Nettle fertilizer is recommended to alternate with mineral complexes.

Nettle infusion is a natural and versatile dressing that even a novice can cook. Burning grass fertilizer matures quickly. It contains substances necessary for the active growth of solanaceous and good immunity. Proper use of nettle feeding will protect tomatoes from pests, increase yields.

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  1. Sergei

    I tried this method. Did not like the smell. Moved to a simplified way. Fresh grass (any suitable, not only nettle) is ground in a blender with water. I also add the collected Colorado beetles there. Then the mixture is filtered through a sieve, wrung out. Marc is used for mulching. Green water for spraying (sometimes I add water-soluble mineral fertilizers). Perfectly helps from phytophthora. High yields.


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